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Yolk Brunch

Since moving to Chicago, I’ve been lucky to have so many friends visit. The latest was my friend Brooke, who came in town for a bachelorette party and had Friday morning free. Friday morning free—that meant brunch was in order!

It’s always challenging to find a weekday brunch, but, thankfully, I knew Yolk served brunch daily and was close to where Brooke was staying with her friends. I knew it would be the perfect location and place to catch up.

Yolk Brunch

Yolk is a diner style restaurant where the food comes out hot and fast and the cooks never stop to take a break. There’s also a variety of food that provides everyone something to enjoy. Now, being that I am an allergy-ridden individual, dining at places like Yolk gives me anxiety because of how quickly the food is turned over and cross contamination of allergens is almost inevitable.

Yolk Brunch

However, Yolk was an exception to the rule. I notified our waiter about my variety of allergies (soy, mostly) and he went so far to make sure that I was OK with what I wanted to eat by bringing me the packaging for the English muffins used for my Eggs Benedict. Now, that not only put me at ease but also goes to show that Yolk strives to ensure patrons enjoy their time (and their food) at Yolk.

Yolk Brunch

Brooke had a very early flight coming into Chicago that morning so coffee was necessary! Our wonderful waiter, Mark, was very attentive to our coffee needs—always topping off our mugs and providing us with a variety of creamers. He also informed us that Yolk is big on BYOB and there is no corkage fee—just a little note for next time!

Yolk Brunch

We opted out of appetizers this time around for brunch and instead decided to split an entree as our “appetizer”. Something Brooke and I have in common is that as both of us have gotten older, we have been craving savory dishes rather than sweet. But with the amount of different kinds of sweet dishes on the Yolk menu, we knew we had to try at least one of them! So, we both settled on splitting the Challah French toast. Our waiter let us know that there were two portion sizes with this dish: 4 slices or 8 slices of French toast. We both unanimously decided on the 4 slices knowing that we also had other entrees to consume. The French toast was good but nothing that we didn’t expect. Unfortunately, the bread was also a bit dry for our liking and needed to be doused in Maple syrup. But I love Maple syrup, so who’s really complaining?

Yolk BrunchYolk Brunch

Brooke opted for the cheesy breakfast sandwich with bacon. It came on a bagel, which was perfectly toasted—not too tough, not too dry, it was just right. While it had lots of cheese and delicious bacon there were two things the sandwich featured that delighted Brooke: grilled tomato and pesto. Brooke said that those two elements made the sandwich and now she had to add both to every sandwich she made from now on.

Yolk Brunch

Who ever thought to put corn beef on an Eggs Benedict is a genius. Yolk’s menu has a variety of Eggs Benedict dishes. Being that I am half Irish, I had to try the Irish Eggs Benedict. There was cubed corn beef with tomato, perfectly poached eggs and hollandaise on an Old Bay English muffin. Perhaps I’m biased since this dish spoke to my Irish heritage but it was delicious. The eggs were delicious and the corn beef added a salty, savory kick to the dish that highlighted the grilled tomato.

Yolk Brunch

The Bitches say: A. With multiple locations, allergy awareness, a huge menu, and an incredibly kind staff, Yolk is absolutely a place to brunch.

Yolk River North
747 N Wells St.
Chicago, IL
(312) 787-2277

Yolk serves brunch everyday from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m.


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