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I gravitate towards the free-spirited and creative individuals in a room. Nowadays, many of my friends are entrepreneurs, and all share an open-minded and free-spirited nature—imbuing a sense that anything is possible.

My friend Danny, who I met through our Chicago social Bitch Amber, is one of those free-thinking, enterprise-building folks. As of a few weeks ago, Danny launched Sabbatical, a company designed for busy professionals who can’t unplug from their jobs but want to enrich their lives with travel. Sign me up!


On a lazy Saturday afternoon, Danny and I decided to meet for brunch but we were nearing closing time for brunch menus in Chicago, so we had to act fast! Quickly, he and I started looking at our various lists of places to go, and we chose Toast. Toast had been recommended to me as a place to brunch in Lincoln Park, and they served brunch until about 4 p.m.—it was fate.


Toast is a small, diner-esque restaurant that is known for its long waits, good food, and quick service. In the heart of Lincoln Park, it’s the perfect neighborhood stop for groups, families, and BYOB-ers alike.

I arrived first, as the restaurant is within walking distance from my apartment, and was happy to see that there wasn’t a wait. However, Toast won’t seat incomplete parties. Fortunately, Danny arrived right on my heels, and we were promptly seated by the hostess.


As we sat down, our waiter greeted us with menus and offered coffee. He must have seen how badly I needed it and we both graciously accepted. In a flash, the coffee was on our table—it must have been very obvious I needed the caffeine. While the coffee was constantly refilled and piping hot every time, the blend itself wasn’t anything to write home about. But, it got the job done.

I perused the drink menu a bit more and noticed that Toast offers BYOB at a reasonable price.
We dig it.

The menu at Toast is full of brunch classics: from waffles to egg scrambles and Eggs Benedicts. Both Danny and I chose classic options.


Danny opted for the veggie Eggs Benedict, which was full of artichoke hearts and spinach atop an English muffin with poached eggs. Danny really liked the whole dish, even considering that he’s not much of an artichoke person. He polished off the side of breakfast potatoes before he even got to the Benedict. I think I now know Danny’s favorite breakfast side.


I stepped outside my normal breakfast dish zone and ordered the strawberry crepe. Wow! Toast definitely does not skimp on strawberries! This crepe was not only covered with strawberries but also stuffed full of them. Along with powdered sugar and a cinnamon syrup on top, this delicious, sweet dish was exactly what I wanted that chilly morning. Considering strawberries are not in season, I was really impressed.


I also ordered a side of bacon, which was a nice salty contrast to the sweet crepe entree. The bacon was perfectly crisp, but the bacon strips were meager—we wished they were more hearty.

The Bitches say: B+. Toast is a great neighborhood staple. If you’re looking for a classic brunch with all the typical dishes, Toast is your spot—and you can also expect it to be delicious.

746 W. Webster Ave,
Chicago, IL

Toast serves brunch every day from 8:00 a.m. to 2:45 p.m.


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