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At the Bar: The Bird

I headed to The Bird for happy hour with my lovely boyfriend, who’s always down to try new places and take secret Snapchats of me eating chicken wings. He had never been to The Bird, but he loved Commissary, so I was excited to share the eclectic and delicious experience with him.

The Movers and Shakers

The Bird is a part of the EatWell DC family. We love them for everything from brunch, to happy hour, to special events. They serve poultry of every distinction while sourcing all ingredients locally and responsibly. We love that sustainable model at our local haunts. Their spaces, indoors and out, are uniquely crafted by local artists. They truly celebrate the four seasons–design, menu, drink, and style.


The Vibe

The Bird is located in Shaw on the corner of 11th and O Streets. The large outdoor space is scattered with colorful and mismatched tables and chairs. The interior of the restaurant was designed by local artists. The vibe is open, welcome, and casual, with a not so subtle riff on the fowl theme. Happy hour is served Monday through Thursdays from 5-7 p.m., Friday from 4-7 p.m., and from 3-6 p.m. on weekends. They definitely accommodate most schedules.


Is this Seat Taken?

We walked in and the lovely host immediately asked, “Happy hour? Outside?” He read our minds. Our table outside was quite comfy and bright. We loved hanging outside people watching and sipping on our beverages. There is plenty of space outside as well as at the long bar inside. We noted a couple of space heaters and will definitely be back plenty this fall to enjoy more time outside while we can. You can also get away from the street on the small outdoor rooftop space.

The Libations

I ordered the red sangria and Andres ordered the Granny Smith G &T. His drink came served in an adorable bottle with sage leaf and colorful paper straw. We both really enjoyed his drink and thought it tasted like grown up apple juice. It was ice cold and a good portion size. We’d both order this again. At $8, this is an expensive happy hour cocktail, but you can tell it’s great quality.


My red sangria was made with passion fruit, coconut, rum, and lime juice. It was crisp and cold and not too sugary at all. I could definitely taste the wine and fresh fruit. My drink was served with a blackberry and orange slice. This cocktail was also $8 which is steep for happy hour sangria–but I would guess this one won’t give you the dreaded sugar hangover from cheap wine and juice.


We also ordered the Korean style chicken wings that are organic free-range, triple-fried, and served with black sweet chili and cilantro. These wings were massive and incredibly crispy. The sauce was intense and powerful. It was spicy, sweet, and smokey. You almost couldn’t quite put your finger on what the flavor was–but it was damn good. We want to go back for their Buffalo style wings next. These wings will run you the same as a cocktail and filled us up–a great price point and perfect for sharing.



We love everything about The Bird from the eclectic and casual vibes to the refined and well thought out menu and offerings. You can’t go wrong with fried chicken. Ever.


Tess enjoys all things D.C. and food related. You can find her pursing a marketing career during the week while brunching and boozing all weekend. Will work for truffle potato chips.

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