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The Muse Class at Equinox

Last Saturday morning was filled with attitudes, tondues, and arabesques. No, this isn’t a list of new brunch cocktails at a hot D.C. restaurant. They are in fact, the moves that Nicole Petitto, creator of Equinox’s newest class, The Muse, incorporated into her new signature workout. The 45-minute dance inspired class is harder than it sounds, with simple choreography and two 3-pound weighted spheres that will have your heart rate spiking by the end of the first song.

You’ll spend 45-minutes gracefully gliding, spinning, and sashay-ing barefoot across the studio, performing moves that with stretch and lengthen your muscles. But don’t worry, Nicole keeps the choreography simple enough, so your dance skills do not have to be those of Beyonce in order to keep up. The class is more of an athletic barre class, rather than a high intensity hip hop workout.

After the class, our friends from PRIV, an at home beauty, massage, and pampering service magically made our sweaty guests look runway ready. We popped some bubbly, threw some confetti in a fun GIFY photobooth provided by Center City Photo, and noshed on healthy bites from Equinox and our friends at P.S. Snacks, a chickpea-based raw cookie dough that’s totally safe and healthy-ish.

If you’re interested in learning more about The Muse or how to become an Equinox member so you can experience these amazing signature classes—head to their website. And, Subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media (@bitcheswhobrunch) to stay in the loop on our next fun event!

Bitch Biz: This post was sponsored by Equinox. While this post was written independently by us, we did receive compensation from the company.


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