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Fitness Fashion: White Fitness Sets & Our New Favorite Workout

It’s hard to measure which I love more: challenging workouts or matching athleisure. Fortunately, as a city-dwelling millennial, I have the luxury of access to both in droves.

Quarterly, we feature our favorite fitness fashions in our Fit Bitches Lust Lists. To us, fitness and health is part of a well-rounded, balanced life. I work, play, and brunch hard—and staying healthy affords me the physical strength and mental sanity to keep going.

Many of the Bitches love jogging, Pilates, yoga, and other standard workouts,  and a healthy dose of us have addictions to boutique fitness. I tend to prefer challenging boutique fitness classes or new fitness goals (boxing, marathons, or tennis). But we’re all open to trying new things. Earlier this year, we all jumped on the Sweatbox train, trying the new spin and TRX workout from the folks at Vida.

Recently, we’ve laced up our sneakers, put on our game faces, and headed to Arlington for one of the more challenging workouts out there: MADabolic. MADabolic is a fitness franchise founded on challenge, form, and athleticism. Similar to Crossfit or bootcamp, MADabolic is a challenging, strength-based class that takes you through challenging, athletic movements with a focus on form. Each class is different, but it begins with an instruction on the day’s movements, the timing of the workout sets, and the proper form. The workout on a given day might include rowing, jumping rope, kettle bell swings, boxing, squat thrusters, and the like.

The focus is on heavy weights, and on doing exercises to failure—whether it’s as many reps during a certain amount of time or a heavy weight.

Varley leggings c/o INFLOW Style | Varley Crop Top c/o INFLOW Style | AllBirds Sneakers (c/o)

I strolled up to MADabolic excited for a new challenge. After walking in, I was quickly intimidated by the in-shape folks around me. Everyone seemed to know what they were doing—except for me. It’s been a few years since I was heavy into Crossfit, so I’m a bit out of practice. But man, can I shake it on the SoulCycle bike (and my wallet suffers accordingly).

Varley leggings c/o INFLOW Style | Varley Crop Top c/o INFLOW Style | AllBirds Sneakers (c/o)

Thankfully, Corbin Jennings, the owner of MADabolic Arlington, was a patient instructor, teaching me the proper form and helping me stay confident. I survived the class, and I woke up the next day sore but in the right way—my muscles were fatigued but I felt great. I’ve booked three more classes on my calendar.

If you’re looking to try Madabolic they offer a killer 10 days for $10 new client special—you can sign up here. 

Varley leggings c/o INFLOW Style | Varley Crop Top c/o INFLOW Style | AllBirds Sneakers (c/o)

Now, what to wear. MADabolic is a casual class packed with athletes. So, you’re best to wear a sweat-wicking t-shirt and athletic shorts, with bloomers, as you’ll be jumping around. If you plan to wear leggings, be sure they allow for a lot of movement. As far as your top, be sure it does the opposite—doesn’t move. Keep the girls in place.

Varley leggings c/o INFLOW Style | Varley Crop Top c/o INFLOW Style | AllBirds Sneakers (c/o)

Now, I love cute athleisure because I can go from a coffee shop to a workout and back again—without ever having to change. Fortunately, there are tons of incredible brands providing fashion-forward athletic wear: Beyond Yoga, In Flow Style, Brazil Wear and Bandier are a few of my favorites. Gone are the days when your only options were Nike and Lululemon. Now, the gym is your runway. And I like it.

I absolutely love INFLOW Style, a women-owned online boutique that carries a variety of high-end, stylish fitness wear. INFLOW Style offers lots of leggings and matching crop-tops, my personal favorite. And, there are lots of cozy, comfy sweatshirts to wear over top. Going forward, I won’t be wearing a crop top to Madabolic (rookie move) but I’ll wear some of their breatheable, stretchy leggings, a serious sport bra, and a off-the-shoulder slouchy top, to maximize comfort and coverage for this challenging class.


BitchBiz: Bitches Who Brunch partners with MADabolic. While this article was written independently, we do receive compensation from the company.

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