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The Lust List: Cape Scarves

Every season, there’s one piece in my closet that I reach for repeatedly. This summer, it was my beloved palm print mules and this fall it’s my cape scarf. In past years, my scarves ranged from silk squares that you elegantly tie around your neck, to full-on blanket scarves that you could use for a small family picnic. So, when I laid my claws on this┬ácape scarf, I knew it would be a great addition to my varied collection.

J. Crew Checkered Cape Scarf | Sadie & Sage Pearl-Embellished Jeans | Alistair Clare V. Bag

For those of you unfamiliar with the sorcery that is a cape scarf, it is simply an over-sized scarf with convenient holes that you slip your arms through. This detail makes it, in my opinion, the workhorse of all the scarf varietals in my closet.┬áThe beautiful hybrid of a scarf and a cape provides the ease of throwing on a light layer with the convenience of a sweater. It’s like a dress with pockets, which is to say it’s pure genius.

It’s not uncommon these days to experience unpredictable weather: a cool breezy morning followed by a very warm afternoon. I’ve made the mistake of piling on a heavy coat in the morning only to find myself shvitzing by the time I get to work. Or I’ll be bold and leave the house with no coat at all which leads to an uncomfortably blustery coffee run. This predicament has left me with no choice but to turn to layers before running out the door.

The best part about this hybrid piece is that the cape scarf is less of a commitment than a coat. This checkered version is made with wool, so it is actually as warm as some jackets I own, but way easier to roll up and throw into your bag when a warm afternoon rolls around. The cute black tassels add an unexpected detail that makes the accessory even more alluring. There’s a cape scarf option out there for all kinds of styles and climates.

Get your arms through one of these cape scarves this fall!


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Steph is the former DC editor in chief and is known for having a good eye, a sharp wit, and an eclectic palate.

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