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Taqueria del Barrio Drag Brunch

My good friend Ellen and I headed to brunch at Taqueria del Barrio in Petworth for–get this–a taco drag brunch. Have you ever heard of such an event? Neither had we. We weren’t sure what was in store for us, but we were giddy with excitement. The meal and show were kindly on the house today.


First up, the space. We loved the exposed brick and colorful paintings on the walls. The huge bar poses well for late night drinks with plenty of space to spread out or bring a crew. We loved the whole vibe and energy as soon as we walked inside.


The friendly waitress brought us the best chips and salsa ever to start. We know what you’re thinking–can chips and salsa really ever be bad? Yes, yes they can (but these were not). These were served warm and were perfectly crispy and salty. The salsa tasted fresh and homemade. It wasn’t too spicy either. We definitely broke the cardinal rule and filled up on chips before the meal.


Our drinks were delicious. The Champagne Rita was our favorite. It was made with champagne, tequila, fresh lime juice, and cane sugar. It was refreshing and perfectly mixed. You could easily down a few of these bad boys. Ellen went for the Bloody Mary. She enjoyed her beverage and thought it was pretty spicy–but not too spicy.


For this special drag brunch, the deal is $25 for a drink and one entree or three tacos. I ordered the tacos and Ellen ordered the Huevos Benedict. Note that there are ten different types of tacos–props on variety. Being a somewhat recent of a street taco snob, I had high hopes. I chose the chicken tinga, chorizo, and al pastor tacos. These tacos were good. They weren’t the best tacos I’ve ever had, but definitely tasty and pretty close to authentic. The chorizo was my favorite. I was definitely full from my three tacos.


Ellen’s Benedict came with corn cakes, chorizo, chipotle Hollandaise, cotija cheese, and a side salad. The side salad was just lettuce and balsamic dressing–but it was dressed well. The Benedict didn’t blow her away either. Being that it was made with chipotle sauce and chorizo, you would think that there would be a lot going on, but it was relatively bland. This is not a dish to order if you’re really hungry either.


We also ordered a side of bacon and sausage. Both meats were very tough and had a weird taste. Dare I say… like they had recently been microwaved? There was definitely something off about these and we just couldn’t put our fingers on what was happening.


Now about the show–it was incredibly entertaining, rowdy, good spirited, and just plain fun. We had a blast with Miss Desiree Dik and her two other performers. Miss Desiree did an amazing job as MC and performer and kept us thoroughly entertained throughout the entire time. We loved the show. There was a great flow and you definitely had enough time to eat and chat in between routines. Desiree chatted with tables in between acts which was a unique experience that we really enjoyed. One piece of advice–tip your queens, people!


We had to order the churros, and boy are we glad we did. These cinnamony sticks of goodness were delicious and served piping hot. We loved both the chocolate and dulce de leche sauces that they were served with–you must order these.


We loved the energy, concept, show, and drinks at Taqueria del Barrio. Our food was tasty enough, but didn’t knock our socks off.

The Bitches say: B+. We would give the food a B and the show an A. We had a blast and loved the inclusive and accepting vibes and energy. Definitely a worthwhile way to spend a Saturday. Word on the street is that they will have a very special guest on October 28th… that’s all we can say! So make your reservations now, Bitches.

Drag brunch is served at 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. the last Saturday of the month. (202) 723-0200 


Tess enjoys all things D.C. and food related. You can find her pursing a marketing career during the week while brunching and boozing all weekend. Will work for truffle potato chips.

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