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After a rather ridiculously fun Saturday at Gold Cup with Tyler Jeffrey and the Beasley Real Estate crew, followed by an even more ridiculously fun impromptu dance party afterwards, I found myself quite exhausted on Sunday morning. Having so much fun really takes it out of you.

Cori Sue and I had scheduled a proper catch-up brunch together for Sunday afternoon. Thankfully, it was at a nearby spot that I’d been dying to try, Table, which is just a short walk from my house.

I waddled through Shaw enjoying the sunshine, sunglasses on, big camera clunking about. I arrived a bit early at Table, as Cori Sue operates on CST (Cori Sue Time), I didn’t expect her for another 20 or so.

The restaurant’s massive garage door was completely open, allowing the sunlight and fresh air to pour into the tiny space. The hostess was so lovely when I arrived, and she urged me to enjoy the sun, my table wasn’t going anywhere, she said, regardless of how rare they are.


When Cori Sue arrived we were ushered to one of the wooden tables along the wall, which allowed us both to sit side-by-side and face the chefs and watch them work. The great lighting sets the ambiance in Table, and the smells and the music make it comfortable. I felt like I was brunching in a 1950s film.

The lovely thing about this tiny restaurant is that the kitchen is right in the heart of it—the chef wanted to create a chef’s table for everyone. We felt like we were front row at a classy cooking show. We sat next to one another and observed the magic.


Our very French server eventually arrived and brought us coffee, orange juice, pastries, and plenty of charm. He was so friendly and kind—even teaching Cori Sue a French phrase for “you are wonderful” so she can coo at her latest catch.

The pastries were beautiful. A honey-baked danish, a slice of fruit tea bread, and a fluffy brioche pastry filled with Nutella, which was our favorite. Each of them were just sweet enough to get us started and wanting more.


The chef, Frederik de Pue, was there that morning, tasting the dishes to make sure they were perfect, and sitting with his other half at the tiny table at the end of the kitchen, probably chatting business over an iPad.

De Pue is known for using seasonal ingredients, and so the menu changes constantly. We knew this instantly because the entire thing is scribbled in pencil, which is quite charming. For brunch that day, there was a pre fixe of three courses: the pastries and a selection of first and second courses for $35 each.


A group of four at the table next to us just had the smoked salmon placed in front of them and it looked fantastic, so I quickly ordered that. The dish came with the freshest salmon, creme fraiche, and two big triangles of brioche bread.


Cori Sue went a little more adventurous and ordered the poached “Laughing Bird” shrimp salad. Why are they laughing? Because they’re farmed organically. We approve.

The salad of shaved fennel and mixed greens also came with avocado and carrot sauce, which gave it a kick. The shrimp were coated in a creamy mayonnaise-based sauce, like the kind used in potato salads. It was delicious.


For her entree, Cori Sue opted for the buckwheat crepe, which was gorgeous when it arrived. The warm crepe was filled with caramelized pears and goat cheese, and covered with truffle honey and walnuts.

She was initially worried it would be too sweet, but the dish was savory and flavorful. The flavors paired perfectly—truly a unique dish.


I asked the server to give me the best dish in the main course options and he said, oh, you must try the omelet. I’m typically not a big omelet fan, as they arrive gooey and filled with random things. But this omelet, the croque monsieur omelet, might have been the best I’ve ever had.

It was cooked perfectly and filled with the perfect medley of ingredients: sharp cheddar, béchamel, ham, and hearts of palm. I think Chef de Pue might have single-handedly changed my omelet opinion.


Our charmed server dangled dessert before us, and we couldn’t resist. Which gelato flavor to try? Oh, we’ll just have all three: cassis, cinnamon, and a dark cherry. They were served in dainty bowls with sweet wafers—the perfect way to end this brunch.


After a crazy Saturday, my Sunday was starting on the right foot. I was relaxed, well-fed, and near heaven with this brunch. Not to mention everyone we encountered at Table was so charming and welcoming; I just wanted to melt into the booth.

The Bitches say: A+ A fantastic brunch, great service, and beautiful atmosphere.

903 N St. N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20001
(202) 588-5200

Table serves brunch on Saturday and Sunday.

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  1. They also have a gorgeous patio on top, in case you hadn’t already added this to the “Patio Brunch” lineup!

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