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It was a cold day in winter and I gathered a dozen gals for a Sunday brunch after a big party the night before. As usual, I was terribly late. I had been dropped off by the Uber at the foot of the Glover Park hill and had sprinted up the hill, flying into Surfside and literally running into—and nearly knocking over—an attractive male acquaintance. Because, you always run into someone you know in Glover Park.

I bustled in to the back of the restaurant to find ten gals sitting together and chatting spiritedly inside Surfside, Glover Park’s Mexican mainstay. While it was cold, dreary, and grey outside, inside Surfside it is always cheery and bright. All of Georgetown Events’ restaurants (Jetties, Surfside, Something Sweet) are decorated in a bright, cheery, and welcoming fashion.


Like Glover Park in general, Surfside caters equally to fresh-out-of-college kids and young families, probably because both the neighborhood and restaurant are nice, affordable, safe bets.


The restaurant was full, split 50-50 between families with toddlers in strollers and preppy 20-somethings eating tacos and drinking Bloody Marys. The noise level is lively, and both demographics seem to coexist pleasantly.


Brunch begins on a high note, as Surfside serves up some of the best Bloody Marys in town. They are spicy, flavorful, light and served in mason jar (nice touch) with an Old Bay rim. They go down easy and we all had several rounds. Alana claims they are the best she’s ever had. Other great spots for Bloodys are Logan Tavern, which is a cozy bar and grille with awful service, and the Source, which is an upscale Penn Quarter spot. So, if you’re looking for a killer Bloody Mary in a bright, sunny, laid-back atmosphere, Surfside is the spot. You may as well stay all day.


As you wait for your Bloody Marys to be crafted at the bar, you’re served chips, salsa, and guacamole—this is a Mexican restaurant, after all. The salsa is fresh, spicy, authentic Mexican (not like Ortega salsa of our childhood days). The chips are salty, greasy, and crunchy corn tortilla chips that are good enough to eat on their own. And the Guacamole is fresh and delicious.


The brunch menu has a slew of Tex Mex deliciousness: huevos rancheros, breakfast burritos, steak-and-eggs, fish tacos, and breakfast scrambles.

In addition to raving about her Bloody Mary, Alana also raved about her tacos. She says, “The shrimp taco was fresh, light, lime-y and was a good contrast to the hearty, rich, chili beef taco. Overall, it was a great brunch.”


Another lady at the table had the Huevos Rancheros, which is two fried eggs, stewed pinto beans on toasted corn tortillas, topped with chipotle adobo sauce, melted cheese, sliced avocado, fresh pico de gallo, and queso fresco. The dish is served with hash browns and fruit salad, for just under 10 buckaroos.


Lacy, one of my favorite regular Bitches, had the Eggs Benny, which is her brunch go-to. The Eggs Benny, poached eggs and braised pork carnitas on top of toasted corn tortillas with sautéed spinach and a unique, spicy chili Hollandaise, was beautifully presented. But, Lacy says, “I was disappointed that I didn’t get any delicious hash browns, fruit, insert- other-side-dish, and felt a little hungry when I finished. The Hollandaise and pork were, however, delicious. The Bloodys were great, too… love the Old Bay rim.”


Several girls at the table had the Surfside Scramble, which is eggs, onions, poblano peppers, chorizo, and sliced avocado atop a toasted corn tortilla. Like most brunch plates at Surfside, it’s served with hash browns and fruit salad. The scramble is a reliable, healthier brunch dish compared to some of the other dishes on the menu. However, it’s still hearty and flavorful enough so that you feel satisfied.

We concluded brunch with the Buttermilk waffle, which is a more traditional, moist and dense waffle, rather than a Belgian waffle. It’s topped with a fresh fruit marmalade and a really delicious whipped cinnamon butter syrup, which is what made the dish. I can see little kids loving this brunch dish—as well as children trapped in adult bodies like me. It’s served with bacon, of course.


Indeed, the hash browns are one of the best parts about brunch, both Diana and I ate all of ours in a most ladylike fashion and concluded with a “Damn, those are good.” As Surfside is a reliable spot for families, comfort food, and hangover brunches, great hash browns fit the bill.

The soccer moms and calorie-conscious former sorority girls among us can also eat healthy at Surfside, as all the lunch salad options— charmingly titled Baja, Aruba, Bali, Nantucket—are available. Indeed, Laura had the Trinidad salad, which looked beautiful with blackened salmon atop greens, roasted beets, grilled corn, and whole grain mustard buttermilk dressing


But, you’re at Surfside for tacos, huevos rancheros, hash browns, and Bloodys, if you ask me.

Between the Bloody Marys, the delicious Tex Mex, and the relaxed, come-as-you are atmosphere, Surfside is the perfect hangover brunch spot— and all dozen hung over girls in attendance agreed.

The Bitches say: A-. Surfside is reliable, yummy, no-frills brunch at great prices in a fun atmosphere.

2444 Wisconsin Ave. N.W.
Washington, D.C.
(202) 337-0004

Surfside serves brunch on Saturdays and Sundays. 

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