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Spring 2019: The Best Things We Tried at Brunch

We the Bitches have been out in force, trying brunch dishes around Chicago at new, trendy, and classic restaurants citywide. Chicago: it’s time for your brunch report card. From healthy options to indulgences, and savory to sweet – here is our official list of the best things we tried at brunch this spring.

Lunchroom 8

#5 The parfait at The Lunchroom at Space 519

This parfait was a delicious option for brunchers looking for flavor without the guilt. The yogurt was fluffy and whipped, with alternating layers of The Lunchroom’s homemade sweet and crunchy granola and assorted berries. The dollop of mascarpone cheese at the top added a savory touch to this sweet dish. Pair it with a homemade oat milk latte, and you have one of the most decadent yet healthy brunches in Chicago right now! Read our review here.

The Lunchroom at Space 519, 200 E Chestnut St, (312) 751-1519

Mordecai 7

#4 The quiche at Mordecai

This Wrigleyville hotspot is best known for its cocktails, but we couldn’t have been more impressed with its brunch menu. The restaurant offers a rotating quiche selection with fresh ingredients in a buttery, flaky crust. This particular Sunday, the quiche du jour was a Florentine with spinach and blue cheese. The chef here certainly knows what he’s doing because the distinct flavors really popped in this moist and delicious dish. Read our review here.

Mordecai, 3632 N Clark St, (773) 269-5410


Coda di Volpe 11

#3 The pizza at Coda di Volpe

Breakfast tends to get all of the attention at brunch, but this list wouldn’t be complete without a lunch option! The pizza at Coda di Volpe tasted like something straight out of an Italian kitchen in Naples. The thin crust and fresh ingredients made for a crispy, flavorful, authentic Napoletana style pie. It was even served with shears to cut it, which added an element of fun. The pizzas are a staple of the brunch menu, but you can get them any day of the week at dinner too. Read our review here.

Coda di Volpe, 3335 N Southport Ave, (773) 687-8568

The Gage 4

#2 The coffee cake at The Gage

The Gage has a new pastry chef, and although we haven’t met him, we can decidedly say we are fans of his work. The coffee cake on the brunch menu blew us away. Served with hazelnut butter and sea salt, the starter was fresh, flavorful, moist and dense and was served warm. The homemade nut butter incorporated imported ingredients from Europe. We would go out of our way to get back to The Gage just for a cup of coffee and an order of this coffee cake. (Okay, and maybe while we’re there we would also have the amazing habanero margarita again). Read our review here.

The Gage, 24 S Michigan Ave, (312) 372-4243

Mordecai 1

#1 The French toast at Mordecai

Yes, Mordecai made our list twice. This restaurant’s brunch menu impressed us more than any other this spring – especially their French toast! Some of the brunch items are rotating, but on this particular Sunday, the stars aligned for us and they were serving this incredible cookie butter French Toast. It was prepared perfectly and was topped with whipped cream, thinly-sliced apples and shaved white cheddar cheese, drizzled in applejack syrup and sprinkled with crunchy cookie crumbles. We were in love with every single thing we ordered at Mordecai – you simply can’t go wrong – but the French Toast topped our list for the day – and for the spring brunching season! Put your trust in Mordecai’s chef, and order anything on the menu. Believe it or not, even their muesli was delicious! Read our review here.

Mordecai, 3632 N Clark St, (773) 269-5410


Jackie Bender


As a TV host, reporter and producer, Jackie has a well-manicured finger on all things "lifestyle" from red carpets to parties, travel destinations, and - of course - the hottest restaurants in cities around the country. She's been known to crash chefs' kitchens with cameras to learn their trade secrets and is trying to live her best life one mimosa at a time.

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