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Sons & Daughters Brunch

As I’ve grown a little older here in NYC, I’ve naturally gravitated away from the cheesy nightclubs and generic boutiques that dominate the Meatpacking District. However, the quaint cobblestone streets and ideal proximity to the Hudson aren’t going to waste. With delicious new additions like La Sirena (voted our Best Brunch of 2016) and Untitled at the Whitney Museum, it seems as if this slightly dated neighborhood is undergoing a bit of a resurgence.

Sons & Daughters of NYC Brunch

Thus, when we were invited in to try Sons & Daughters of NYC’s newly launched brunch menu, I wasn’t deterred by the 10th Avenue address. I had previously been to Sons & Daughters for an evening event and the restaurant was packed during happy hour, so I was curious to see if it would draw a crowd during the earlier hours.

I was joined by my friend Jen for brunch and we entered about a half-full restaurant at noon. By the time we departed around two, Sons & Daughters was nearly filled to the brim. Word apparently caught on quick about the brunch offerings.

Sons & Daughters of NYC Brunch

Speaking of brunch offerings, Jen and I were quite indecisive because they all sounded delectable. Between Peruvian chicken & waffles, avocado toast topped with an egg, and shrimp rolls, were were seriously in a pickle. We chilled out with a glass of bubbles each and luckily our friendly server guided us through some decisions.

I’ve been on a serious fish-for-breakfast kick, so we started off with house smoked salmon. When I say we, I really had this all to myself because Jen doesn’t like seafood, but she was a team player. This was a super light starter so I was greedily glad that I wasn’t sharing.

Pieces of smoked salmon were artfully placed among za’atar yogurt, peaches, capers, and bagel chips, as a “deconstructed” bagels and lox dish. The fish was well-flavored and relatively plentiful, so I was a happy camper.

Sons & Daughters of NYC Brunch

Next we tried the aforementioned avocado toast, a must at any Basic Bitch Brunch. Similarly to the salmon starter, the presentation was beautiful, almost too pretty to eat. We appreciated the accoutrements like pickled onions and roasted tomatoes, which provided extra sustenance to this appetizer. However, when it came time to eat this creation, it was very unwieldily and messy.

Sons & Daughters of NYC Brunch

With the intentions of being healthy, we felt compelled to order the Big Salad, aptly named because this could literally feed a family of eight. An enormous serving bowl was filled to the brim with gem lettuce and market veggies, topped with a boiled egg and pistachio vinaigrette. We both agreed that this salad could have benefitted from a protein or creamy avocado, and thought that the dish unfortunately quite unmemorable. That’s what we get for ordering the salad on the menu, I suppose.

Sons & Daughters of NYC Brunch

Also in the vein of keeping it light, we opted for the Green Bowl. This entree is basically a serving of steamed veggies, topped with an egg. The egg was cooked perfectly, but we were bummed that the veggies weren’t very flavorful.

Sons & Daughters of NYC Brunch

At this point, we ditched the idea of being healthy and ended things with dessert. Jen and I both have a bit of sweet tooth so it wasn’t a tough sell. We tried the Sweet Surrender, sticky buns slathered in hazelnut, whipped cream, and strawberries. This appeased our collective hankering for sugar, however the cinnamon bun was pretty dry.

Sons & Daughters of NYC Brunch

Overall, we enjoyed the atmosphere, bar selection, and tasty brunch apps at Sons & Daughters, but thought they could work out some kinks on the brunch entrees. It’s definitely worth stopping in when in the Meatpacking District and we gave some bonus points for the beautiful presentation.

Sons & Daughters of NYC Brunch

The Bitches say: B-. Great for cocktails and light American bites in Meatpacking, although some of the entrees could use a kick of flavor.

Sons & Daughters is open for brunch on Saturdays and Sundays beginning at 12 p.m. (646) 490-6013


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