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Silo Brunch

After a leisurely walk to pick up a Cherry Blossom 10-miler race packet, my fiance, Gavin, and I were in search of a quick bite to eat. Realizing we were in restaurant Siberia—otherwise known as the constant construction zone that is Massachusetts Avenue near Chinatown— I had little faith we’d find a decent option. But before giving up, I scrolled through my “to-brunch” list and was pleasantly surprised to find that Silo was only a block away.

Upon entering the cozy, neighborhood restaurant, it was apparent that this was a great place for a group brunch, as most guests were seated at long tables laden with pitchers of mimosas and beer. We were quoted a 20-minute wait, but we were in a rush so we decided to take a seat at the large, light-filled bar, next to the punch bowl.

Several of our fellow diners seemed to be regulars, as the bartenders knew them by first name. This included the older woman who posted up next to me with a glass of wine, announcing she needed to pre-game for her Safeway shopping trip. You do you, gal…

Gav was preparing for his race the next day, so he had no intention of drinking. I fully planned on abstaining to support him, but after watching the bartender make a house-made Bloody, I decided to indulge.

The Bloody Mary was as delicious as it looked. No bells or whistles, just a solid, slightly spicy beverage. I’m glad I chose to order that over the gin punch, which the bartender struggled to describe to me. I asked him what was in the punch bowl and he responded with a snide, “It’s a drink.”

Me: “Right, but what’s in it?”

Snarky bartender: “Gin and some sort of punch.” Me: “OK, I’ll have a Bloody Mary.”

Despite the fact that I wasn’t running the next day, I jumped on Gav’s “carb-loading” train and ordered the Drunken Donut Bites for us to share (another dish that the bartender couldn’t describe).

You know when you eat something that is so good, but you know it’s so bad for you at the same time? These are the Drunken Donuts. Each bite oozed with honey rum and fried dough—like mini funnel cakes, but better. Seriously, I would go back to Silo just for these bad boys.

Silo Brunch

Right around this time is when I spotted the Narragansett beer coasters and squealed with joy. Sometimes, when we’re dining in public, Gav and I like to nerd out and solve brain teasers. P.S: this one is “the root of all evil,” which Gav solved before me (I got him back, read on).

Silo Brunch

We kept is simple, which should be Silo’s motto, with an order of the American Breakfast and Eggs Benedict.

My All American breakfast was simple, but solid. Silo serves up some of the best bacon I’ve had all year. It was thin, crispy, and abundant. This dish reminded me of something I would have at a diner in New York. It would be a perfect hangover breakfast, especially since it’s served with Texas toast.

Silo Brunch

The Eggs Benedict could also be described as a solid rendition of a classic brunch dish. Gavin dubbed it one of his favorite brunch meals of the year. The Hollandaise wasn’t overwhelming and the unique layering with thick cut ham made him savor every bite.

Silo Brunch

We finished our last bites while we mulled over the remaining Narragansett brain teaser. Luckily, I solved it so we weren’t late to our next adventure.

The Bitches say: B. A solid neighborhood staple. While we wouldn’t necessarily go out of our way to head to Silo, we may find ourselves back there when we’re craving doughnut bites, or a bit of Narragansett wordplay.

919 5th St. N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20001

Silo serves brunch Saturdays and Sundays starting at 11 a.m.

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