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Seamore’s Brunch

Living in New York City, I’ve found it challenging to have my “local.” I love the concept of a Cheers-esque bar or restaurant where everyone knows your name, but there are so many amazing options opening up every day, it’s tough for me to frequent anywhere with regularity.

However, when Seamore’s, Michael Chernow’s sustainable seafood venture, opened two doors down from my apartment in Nolita, I finally established a bit of a local. As it was an instant hot spot, I found myself entertaining friends for dinner, having business lunches, and cozying up on the bar with my laptop with a glass of red wine on a weekly basis.

Seamore's Brunch

This restaurant was buzzy as soon as it opened, but it has finally calmed down a bit, down to a 45 minute wait on the typical weeknight rather than 90+ minutes. I’ve been waiting anxiously for the brunch menu to launch, which is still a little bit on the down low as there were plenty of tables available on this particular Sunday afternoon.

My mom was in town and is quite the foodie so she was impressed by the Michael Chernow name. I was proud to show her my adorable neighborhood local, which is open and airy, with festive pops of color, patterns, and street art adorning the walls.

Seamore's Brunch

All of the seafood is caught locally, mainly in Montauk, so a prime fixture of Seamore’s is the Daily Landings wall, a board that indicates the rotating fish of the day. I always appreciate that the servers are well versed in the attributes of each fish and can make solid recommendations on which is best for your tacos or salad.

Seamore's Brunch

My mom and I were joined by my boyfriend Robert for a final meal before my mom boarded her plane back to Chicago. We were seated quickly and began dissecting the menu.

I was pleased to see that the menu was a nice balance between breakfast options and lunch, many of which are crowd-pleasers also offered at dinner like the fish tacos, guacamole, poke, and kale and avocado salad.

Seamore's Brunch

The poke at Seamore’s is my go-to so we immediately ordered a serving for the table. It’s so popular that Seamore’s now even has a service window at the side of the restaurant solely for takeaway poke bowls and soft serve. This is one of my favorite poke bowls in the city; they don’t skimp on fish and avocado, slightly justifying the $16 price tag. The fresh appetizer is topped with ponzu and peanuts, offering a satisfying crunch.

Seamore's Brunch

Robert is vehemently opposed to expensive avocado toast (this one was $15), but luckily my mom doesn’t share the same sentiment. She ordered Seamore’s take on avo toast, which features our favorite creamy veggie on a toasted Russ & Daughters’ everything bagel, roasted tomatoes, poached eggs, and chili flakes.

Since this sammy includes two eggs and a whole bagel, it was one of the more substantial avocado toasts I’ve seen in my day. If avocado toast and eggs Benedict had a baby, this would be the creation. It was great that my mom got her fix of real New York bagels while in town, although she could only muster one half of the enormous dish. Robert got over his stigma and helped her with the other half.

The flavors melded well together, although this was tricky to eat. It was slippery and gooey, making for a very messy plate. Luckily, we were among family, but I wouldn’t recommend this on a first date. If brunch is your first date, more power to you.

Seamore's Brunch

Robert was really struggling between the fish tacos, the bagel sandwich with smoked whitefish salad, and the breakfast burrito, but ultimately his love of Mexican cuisine reigned supreme. The breakfast burrito was one of the most unusual variations we had all ever seen; the entree is stuffed with Adobo squid, kale scramble, and chorizo hash.

It was quite flavorful, although our group was divided on the chewy squid texture. We all agreed that this was a fun way to mash up a traditional breakfast item while playing homage to the sea, and although unusual, it tasted great. Lots of vegetable fillings didn’t hurt either.

Seamore's Brunch

The kale and avocado salad is one of my favorite salads in the world so I couldn’t resist ordering it for brunch. Typically I like to add fish on the salad, but was just feeling veggies this morning. Per usual, the salad satisfied. The sweet potato bits and walnuts kept it seasonal and I’m a big fan of the light honey-apple vinaigrette.

Seamore's Brunch

Brunch was a great way to introduce my mom to one of my neighborhood staples, while avoiding the standard wait time of any semi-decent Nolita restaurant. It ended her trip on a high note and satiated enough to skip the airplane food.

The Bitches say: A-. We loved the unique brunch items with a relatively healthy focus, only giving it a notch down for being slightly overpriced.

Seamore’s brunch is served Saturdays and Sundays from 11:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. 


Ally is a Brooklyn-based marketing pro with a passion for food and fitness. You'll most likely find her at her local brunch haunts and coffee shops, always with a book in hand.

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