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Sarabeth’s Tribeca Brunch Review

Fun fact: Sarabeth’s started out as a small bakery in 1981 where Sarabeth Levine herself sold baked goods, pastries and preserves. But today this New York institution has five locations across Manhattan!

Having known about Sarabeth’s for years and somehow still never having visited (go figure), I decided that enough was enough and I made plans to try out the Sarabeth’s in Tribeca.

Operating out of one of Manhattan’s most expensive, elite, and sought after neighborhoods as well as being located on one of the main streets in that neighborhood (just up the street is Robert DeNiro’s hotel, The Greenwich Hotel), makes this location special and exciting off the bat.

Upon arrival, you’ll head up the front steps and through the double glass windowed doors before being greeted by a friendly and competent host. Depending on how busy it is you might just be lucky enough to snag a table sans wait time, which we did.

Seated, watered and ready to place orders.

For drinks, I ordered a classic bellini – with white peach purée and prosecco, it sounded all too enticing. It came served in a large wine glass, was tasty and the right amount of fruity and bubbly. They sell them by, not only the glass but also by the carafe, so if it’s one of those types of brunches they’ve got you covered.

One friend ordered a cold-pressed orange juice and another had ordered a coffee. The OJ was good, the coffee didn’t quite live up to Australian standards – self-appointed coffee snobs but with good reason when you look at the success of Bluestone Lane and Two Hands.

I asked for the lemon & ricotta pancakes, which usually come with blackberries but I asked for strawberries instead to which they kindly obliged.

Upon arrival it was plated up nicely – four small pancakes fanned out, powdered sugar over the top, strawberries on the side and a side of butter and organic maple syrup. Taste wise the pancakes were nice, the lemon hint was quite subtle. The strawberries were, of course, the perfect accompaniment and the organic maple syrup was nice – not too sickly sweet. Note: be prepared to ask for extra maple syrup as they don’t provide an abundance of it. Bitches love syrup.

One friend got the burger and another the avocado & burrata toast.

As for the avocado toast. You can expect two pieces of toast topped with a fair spread of avocado, a dollop of burrata with seasoning on top and an egg sunny side up on there too. The report back was that it was good – nice amounts of avocado and the egg was nicely done.

Next up to the plate, the burger. When first brought to the table the burger came deconstructed which I thought was an interesting approach but pretty cool because you get to add all the things you want to your burger and more importantly leave out the things you don’t care much for. The report back on the burger was that it was also good so if you’re after something a little more lunch-y or to up your iron, go ahead and have a field day throwing it all together yourself.

All in all, if you want to experience Sarabeth’s for yourself because of it’s recognizability and legend status then you should and you will probably enjoy it. The atmosphere was energetic and there were lots of people enjoying themselves. The front room and the back room were the most appealing (there’s also a small middle/corridor seating area that just doesn’t look that special in comparison) thanks to decor and spaciousness, with the front having televisions above the situp bar.

The Bitches say: Three champagne flutes. While Sarabeth’s is no doubt is an iconic New York institution and the atmosphere was lively, there wasn’t anything overly special about this particular experience. If you want to come to Sarabeth’s because it’s Sarabeth’s then do so.

Brunch is served Saturday and Sunday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Alex Gillies

NYC Associate Food Editor

A self-proclaimed "Southern Hemisphere Belle" originally from Melbourne, Australia who traded in flip flops for snow boots. She can often be found wandering the streets of New York listening to a podcast or tackling the city one diner, biscuit café, and Bloody Mary at a time.

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