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Have you ever met Chef Ris Lacoste? She’s one of the most phenomenal women in D.C. She’s not just a talented and respected chef with a resume to be envied, she’s also a dedicated philanthropist and savvy businesswoman. She has incredible taste, she’s kind (she hugs her employees every day), and I swear, she’s changing the D.C. culinary and philanthropic scene as I type this.

Within a few months of her namesake restaurant opening, Cori Sue and I were battling for mayor on Foursquare. And when she launched the brunch at Ris, we were officially in love.


My gushing will do this brunch no justice (just check out the mouth-watering pics, below). The Washingtonian just named it “Best Surprise Brunch” in their “Best Of” issue. And it’s true: the small-plates style is exactly what Washington needs. Brunch is for big groups of friends, for sharing, for amazing food and bottomless mimosas and Marys. Ris’ menu has all that, set in understated elegance and comfort.


We’re so honored that Ris is hosting our Summer Brunch Soiree next Saturday, July 9, to benefit the D.C. Farm to School Network. She’ll be serving up the very best of her extraordinary brunch menu at the event. The dishes will be made smaller than usual, to be passed, cocktail-style, at the party. They’ll include everything from shrimp tempura, to beef short rib hash in puff pastry, to cinnamon gnudi and other treats. It’ll be a sampling, but a magnificent one.

We don’t want to give everything away, as we want you to try it for yourself. Make sure you get tickets by clicking here.









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