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We’ve always adored Reynard, the Brooklyn chic restaurant inside of the Wythe Hotel. In fact, we gave it the award for Best Pancakes of 2014, so it was long overdue to come back for a re-review.

My friend Austen was in town for work and staying at the Wythe so we caught up for a quick brunch at Reynard before she hopped on her flight to Chicago.

Reynard Brunch 2

Similar to the entire aesthetic of the hotel, Reynard is flooded with light and meticulously curated in a minimalist way. At brunch time, the dining area was filled with hotel patrons, young families and locals seeking flavorful brunch fare at a trendy location.

Reynard Brunch 2

Following a grueling SoulCycle class and after a long work week, Austen treated herself to a mimosa while I stuck to an almond milk latte. Austen commented that the juice was fresh squeezed and they were liberal with the bubbles, so she was feeling good for her upcoming flight.

Reynard Brunch 2

I appreciated non-dairy milk options and the espresso was strong, so I was a happy camper. Plus, who doesn’t love some good latte art?

Reynard Brunch 2

We surveyed the menu and struggled to narrow down our options, as everything looked tasty. Reynard’s brunch menu was the perfect size; enough of the classics to appease any eater, but not a mile-long menu that you’re reading for hours. I’m usually skeptical about a long menu; how is it possible that everything is good?

Reynard Brunch 2

The menu is pretty carb-heavy, with plenty of pastries to choose between. We showed a little bit of self restraint and went straight for the entrees. There isn’t a poached egg I don’t like (well unless it’s not properly poached), so I honed in on the poached egg offering.

These eggs were in fact properly poached, much to my delight. The entire dish was well-balanced and savory. The caramelized onions and microgreens provided an interesting texture contrast and the crispy croutons were perfect to sop up the yolks. I also was pleased that the chefs were willing to substitute avocado for the protein to accommodate my meat detox.

Reynard Brunch 2

Austen went for the baked eggs in a smoked saffron and chickpea stew. She described this dish as flavorful, filling, and colorful; she definitely got in her veggies this morning.

Reynard Brunch 2

After patting our backs about the self-restraint on the pastry platter, we completely lost it when it came to the dessert menu. We justified it as celebrating that Austen was back in town. Fun fact, when Austen and I were roommates in DC straight out of college, one of our go-to dinners was a slice of cake and a glass of wine because we were too lazy to cook. Oh, to have 21-year-old metabolisms again.

We dove headfirst into the chocolate cheesecake, which was the perfect afternoon delight. The cake was light and creamy, but the rich sauce satisfied our inner-chocoholics. I don’t always dessert at brunch, but this was most definitely worth the calories.

Reynard Brunch 2

We quickly settled our check and sadly sent Austen on her way. Interestingly, Reynard is now a gratuity-free establishment so the tip was included in our price. The result–paying the check was a breeze!

The Bitches say: Five flutes. Still a top-notch spot in the ‘Burg for quality, beautiful food in a beautiful setting. Definitely not your typical hotel brunch.

Reynard serves breakfast and brunch every day beginning at 7 a.m.


Ally is a Brooklyn-based marketing pro with a passion for food and fitness. You'll most likely find her at her local brunch haunts and coffee shops, always with a book in hand.

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