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Revival Social Club Brunch

It was a hot Sunday afternoon when I went to Edgewater to meet up with my fellow “Brunching Trio” members, Allie and Jeffy, to brunch at Revival Social Club. I only venture that far North occasionally, and I was so glad that I had given myself enough time to make it there without running late.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day, and all I could think about was how I wish I had brought my dog, Buster, along for the journey, seeing how close we were to the dog beach that is located on the North side. Jeffy was only two steps behind me when I entered the restaurant, and we quickly decided to get a table on the patio.

Revival Social Club

Revival Social Club is a charming little restaurant, centrally located in the heart of the Edgewater neighborhood. Inside, the ambiance is that of a bustling diner, with wooden tables and chairs, and a large welcoming bar right at the front of the restaurant.

The outside, though, is a quaint small patio scattered with gorgeous flowers and patio furniture, complete with umbrellas to provide shade from the sun. Of course, the patio was totally dog-friendly, reminding me again that I failed by not bringing my canine-kid. Oh, well, there is always next time!

Revival Social Club Brunch

Thirsty, we promptly ordered drinks. I went for a classic Bloody Mary complete with a beer back, while Jeffy decided on a bubbly cocktail concoction similar to that of a Bellini. Allie informed us she was in the midst of doing the “Whole 30” diet, so it was just water for her.

I did not want to tempt Allie intentionally, but it is a classic Bitch rule to order Monkey Bread whenever it is on the menu, and I was not going to let this time be any exception. She gave us her blessing, and I went ahead and ordered the Monkey Bread for Jeffy and I to share.

Revival Social Club Brunch

It was divine. There were little mini balls that had been deep-fried, made from cinnamon and sugar dough. It came served in a cast iron skillet with a bourbon caramel drizzle and topped with vanilla ice cream. This certainly was the opposite of “Whole 30 approved”; sorry Allie! Having no regrets about basically ordering dessert for breakfast, Jeffy and I ate the majority of this dish.

For entrees, Jeffy and Allie were having a difficult time deciding; with Allie having to find items that comply with her diet, Jeffy relented on the item he originally desired, and ultimately, the two of them decided to share their entrees. Classic “Brunching Trio” teamwork. Allie ordered the corned beef hash skillet and Jeffy decided on the Steak and Eggs breakfast main.

Revival Social Club Brunch

I went for something a little out of character for me and I went with the Granville B.L.T., a nod to the Granville train stop that is just a few blocks away. There was nothing too spectacular about the dish, but it was delicious nonetheless. A large sandwich made with Texas toast, bacon, romaine, tomato and a spicy mayo, it came served with fries on the side, as well.

I loved the spicy mayo as opposed to regular mayo. It was just your standard B.L.T., but the buttery Texas toast really did add a little extra bit of deliciousness to the sandwich. You also had the option to add two fried eggs to the sandwich, for future reference.

Revival Social Club Brunch

Jeffy’s steak and eggs arrived at the table and it looked wonderful. A 10-ounce strip of steak came served with two fried eggs, breakfast potatoes, and fruit. Never one to shy from yolk porn, Jeffy couldn’t wait to have the bright yellow yolk ooze out onto the steak.

Revival Social Club Brunch

Allie’s corned beef hash skillet was served in a mini cast iron skillet, which I found absolutely adorable, of course. The skillet was topped with two fluffy, perfectly poached eggs. Allie went the egg porn route as well, instantly puncturing the poached eggs to allow the runny yolk to cover the content of the skillet.

Revival Social Club Brunch

All three of us thoroughly enjoyed our meals and appreciated that the portions were the perfect size. No one wants to have meat sweats in the hot summer sun, and thankfully, once we were finished, we could still sit outside and enjoy the patio without feeling too full.

If you are venturing up north on the outskirts of the city, consider taking some time to explore Edgewater. The neighborhood hosts wonderful restaurants, an eclectic mix of urban gains and natural beauty thanks to its close proximity to Lake Michigan. Additionally, it is a neighborhood rich in history, and I loved how Revival Social Club highlights the historic elements of the neighborhood. If you are in Edgewater, definitely make Revival Social Club at the top of your list for places to brunch. There is something for everyone and you won’t regret it, I’m certain.

The Bitches Say: A. If you are headed up North and looking for a place to brunch, look no further than Revival Social Club. The perfect gathering spot for family and friends, the restaurant boasts a menu that will satisfy everyone.

Revival Social Hall
(773) 293-6435

Revival Social Club serves weekend brunch from 8:00 a.m. until 3:30 p.m.


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