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Review: Woolly Mammoth’s “Clybourne Park”

As you may know, the Bitches are fans and supporters of the arts. Of course, we have our favorites: Becca loves great DJs, modern art, and never misses an Art Basel Miami Beach (I tag along for the sunshine). I love Broadway shows, salsa dancing, more traditional styles of art, and, of course, fashion.

But we both love the Woolly Mammoth Theatre, which Becca discovered upon her arrival to Washington, as the theater happened to be right next door to her utmost favorite restaurant, Rasika.

We’re now privileged to be able to attend Woolly’s media previews. This season has had its highs and lows for the theater: I had a hard time stomaching the full-frontal nudity in Oedipus El Rey; Guest Bitch Josh giggled his way through Booty Candy; and both the Bitches loved the uproarious A Girl’s Guide to DC Politics.

A scene from “Clybourne Park.” Photo credit: Woolly Mammoth

Woolly’s current show, Clybourne Park, is in its second season at the theater and is one of the theater’s best yet. The short play (it’s only an hour) has won three notable accolades: a Pulitzer Prize, a Helen Hayes Outstanding Resident Play and a Helen Hayes Outstanding Director.

The play is set in a white neighborhood in 1950s Chicago, and centers around a couple, their black housekeeper, and their neighbors dealing with taboo issues of the time—race, gentrification, and the Vietnam War.

The eccentric cast of characters—a ditzy, goofy housewife, an overbearing minister, a bombastic neighbor without any sense of self awareness—makes the play. The acting is remarkably skilled and the show covers difficult, emotion-rendering topics in a hilarious manner.

You’ll laugh uncontrollably, feel uncomfortably awkward, and leave having learned something—three key components of a typical Woolly experience. Get your tickets, as they’re in hot demand. Shows have been extended through August 14.

Woolly Mammoth Theatre
641 D Street, N.W.
Washington, D.C.
Admin: (202) 289-2443
Box Office: (202) 393-3939

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  1. The shows runs approx two hours. I am wondering if you saw the second act which takes place in 20009? If not you must!

  2. I was going to comment the same as Will and mg. It definitely seems like you guys all left at intermission. The second act its great, i recommend going back to see it through!!

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