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Review: Mile High Run Club

In the past year, we’ve seen everything from Beyonce dance classes to choreographed rowing in a city with more niche gyms than anywhere. As a competitive runner and someone who is always looking to find new classes that will not only entertain me but also help me reach my goals, I’ve always felt like the NYC offerings were limited. Until now.


Enter: Mile High Run Club, a relatively new treadmill based workout class in the city. I think the idea of a treadmill workout class is brilliant, especially for athletes training for something special. Treadmill workouts can be so boring but they’re unfortunately necessary living in the city, thanks to limited (basically no) hills for training, infrequent tracks for sprint work, and inclement weather (Worst. Winter. Ever). Also, I tend to coast on treadmills and watch Scandal, so there’s that..

At Mile High, you have two sweat-inducing run options, the Dash 28 and the Long Distance.

Dash 28 is a 45-minute class with 28 minutes of structured intervals followed by 10 minutes of strength and power training. I haven’t tried this one yet, but it’s perfect timing if you need to squeeze it in before work. It’s also better suited for the beginner athlete.

The Distance, an advanced performance-improving 60 minute interval, tempo and hills training, sounded right up my alley as I’m currently cross training for an upcoming half marathon and really despise interval training on my own.


I walked in and immediately felt at home, perusing the shelf full of familiar running gear and snacks on sale. The front desk staff was welcoming and I got a brief tour of the facilities, which included key code lockers and an awesome locker room with Red Flower products. I would sign up for an early morning class here just to get access to Red Flower products before work. There’s also a free filtered water in the studio if you have a bottle. I realize it sounds ridiculous that I’m listing this as an amenity, but I’ve had to pay for water before.

I stepped on my assigned treadmill, exchanged friendly smiles with the athletes around me, listened to a brief introduction, and began my warm up. The music was great and matched the clubby, dim vibe of the studio. Lights changed colors (not obnoxiously) as we picked up the speed to fun beats. With 3 running range options, there was ample opportunity to push myself to the max but also time for recovery. The instructor offered helpful tips and helped keep time for intervals. Overall, the workout was intense and my competitiveness kept my speed up the whole time.


Not a fan of indoor with the new season? Mile High is getting smart, now offering outdoor group classes when you don’t want to be cooped up in a studio. Prices are the same, which makes me wince a little because running outside alone is free, but you don’t get Olympian coaches guiding your strides.

The only downside to the overall experience is the price. For $34, Mile High Run Club aligns itself with other boutique fitness gyms. The tough pill to swallow here is that, as I mentioned, running is usually free. $34 feels really high for me to run on a treadmill, even in a cooler space than my home gym with a fit instructor telling me to increase my speed every minute. I couldn’t be a regular because of this, but I encourage people looking to mix things up in their running routine to definitely give it a try.

Mile High Run Club
28 East 4th Street


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