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Review: MB45 Salon Opening

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending the opening week of MB45, a new concept salon in Tribeca that offers simultaneous manicure and blowout services in a quick 45 minutes. Yes, you heard me right ladies. From chair to finished nails and va-va-voom hair in less than an hour.

MB45 Opening

I snuck out at my lunch hour on a Friday for a quick makeover before my weekend began, and it was perfect. First, the energy in MB45 was great. The design in the salon was both beautiful and gritty, capturing everything I love about NYC. There isĀ an edgy, colorful art installation, exposed pipes coupled with indoor/outdoor style graffiti art, subway style wall tiles, and cool bulb lighting throughout the salon. Stylists were dressed in trendy jean outfits and greeted guests with big smiles, radiating warmth. I was excited for my services the minute I walked through the door.

After chatting with the lovely dream team behind the salon, who also own a second full service salon in Nolita called Maria Bonita, I picked my color and got anĀ attentive wash, which included a head massage (yes!).

MB45 Opening

Then, I sat in my chair, and 45 minutes later I had a full blow out and a polished manicure, plus a stomach full of delicious Brazilian treats and champagne, compliments of the house!

I was thrilled with the service, and thought the idea of streamlining salon maintenance was brilliant for us busy gals on the go. I value my time as much as the service, and a $65 price tag is totally worth the convenience of not booking two back-to-back appointments.

MB45 Studio
93 Worth Street
(212) 925-2486


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