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Recap: Washingtonian Best of 2012 Event

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Note from Becca: Thanks to your love and support, dearest readers, we were named one of the “Best Blogs” in this year’s Washingtonian magazine’s Best of Washington issue. We were in the “Also Popular” section, which, hell, we’ll take “also popular” any day of the week. Thank you so much for reading and voting!!

Some people (not you, of course), don’t realize the Bitches are more than brunch. Well, we are. We’re here to give you the hottest things to do each week, provide outfit suggestions and fashion inspiration in our Lust Lists, and recap Washington’s top parties, charity fundraisers, restaurant openings and galas in our District Divas posts. We want you know what the heck is going on in your city and what you should mark your calendar for the following year.

So, we go to a lot of events. And we’re lucky to do so—cocktailing, wining, dining and then Bitching about it over brunch is not so shabby of a life. To be honest, there’s been so many food tasting events that I’ve started to get them a bit mixed up. That’s not to say they aren’t amazingly fun and benefit great causes—because they are, and they do.

Last week, I was actually at the National Building Museum two nights in a row, one would think I was experiencing a bit of deja vous. However, the Washingtonian’s Best of 2012, which honors Washingtonian magazine’s top restaurants, blew most events I’ve been to out of the water.

For starters, the event was Candy Land themed and almost entirely pink–sending this girly girl into fits of excited giggles and chirps. You walk in to the event on a pink-rather-than-red carpet, up to a white doorway with a striped awning with enormous women on stilts holding lolly pops. In the center of the room, was a massive pink striped house—that doubles as a bar—with an adorable girl sitting atop of it, holding a brightly colored, enormous bundle of balloons, no doubt inspired by the Disney movie Up.

Upstairs, was the publisher’s reception, which had about four candy stations—loaded with brightly colored jelly beans, gummies and cotton candy. Waiters served fruity pink cocktails with striped straws. At the bar, were lovely ladies dressed like old fashioned diner waitresses, with pink hats and pink bow ties, serving your cocktails.

There was an oyster bar, slightly out of place amid all the candy, but very much enjoyed by yours truly. There was a photo booth, with enormous gum drop props included.

The event was sponsored by BMW and AT&T, held at the National Building Museum and benefited the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. BMW set up putting greens for guests to play mini golf and parked its newest beamers around the building.

Patron, another sponsor, had all sorts of goodies. Outside, while you waited, sexy Patron ladies handed out liquor popsicles. Inside, you could get a monogrammed juicer, in case you need lemon or lime with your cocktails at home. The signature patron cocktail as a very strong tequila drink—which you consumed along with a blue rock candy lollypop.

Even the food passed around—berry popsicles, peach gazpacho—was pink. I die.

Of course, there was the food. More than 13,000 guests enjoyed bites from Graffiato, Blue Duck, 1789, Bourbon Steak, Café du Park, Luke’s Lobster, The Source, Ted’s Bulletin and more. Ted’s Bulletin’s bacon grilled cheese and the lobster corndogs from Bourbon Steak were the fan favorites. The mini s’mores were pretty fabulous, too.

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  1. WOW 🙂 I found your site on Yahoo looking for something
    totally unrelated, and now I’m going to need to read the old posts XD Good bye free time this morning, but this was a great find!

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