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Recap: Tonic at Quigley’s Summer Menu Preview

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A note from the Bitches: Our one and only Baby Bitch (the only intern we trust to impart official Bitch business) rejoins us for the summer. So, we sent her off to try new restaurants. Poor thing.

The Head Bitches in Charge (HBICs) were kind enough to let me attend the Tonic at Quigley’s Summer Menu preview on their behalf last Wednesday—and I have to say I enjoyed every second of it. My date for the evening, Lesley, and I pulled up outside the charming brick building to a patio full of happy chatting diners.

We huffed and puffed our way up to the third floor lounge where the tasting was being held and were greeted by Elizabeth, our hostess for the evening. Lesley and I decided to catch our breath at the bar and order the drinks on display to help quench our thirst after the mild workout up the stairs. I ordered a gin champagne cocktail called the La Fleur, and Lesley opted for the peach sangria.

They were both refreshing and incredibly delicious. We found a high-top table to take in the chic surroundings.  The third floor lounge has exposed brick walls and sleek leather couches giving a funky and comfortable-yet-chic vibe. We sat and chatted while waiting for the tasting to begin. Lesley and I have been friends since elementary school and throughout our friendship we have always bonded over food. So, needless to say we were salivating over the menu highlighting the featured dishes we were about to try.

The first dish to arrive was a Texas eggroll with cilantro lime sour cream. It may have possessed everything I hate in the realm of food including black beans and red onions, and yet I loved every morsel. The eggrolls were cheesy, a little spicy, and the cilantro lime sour cream was a nice refreshing twist.

The Thai chicken satay followed the eggroll. The chicken was incredibly moist, and the homemade Thai peanut dipping sauce forced Lesley and I to have to restrain ourselves from licking our plates. Now, I wouldn’t recommend ordering these on a date seeing as how they’re a titch difficult to eat, but maybe opt to order them when you’re with your family—you know, people that have to love you.

I was apprehensive to try the next dish, which was cous cous salmon salad. I adore cous cous, but I am not a big fan of salmon, because, like many people, I find it too fishy. I was surprised to actually really enjoy the dish. The salmon wasn’t overly fishy and was incredibly moist.

The only dish I didn’t like that is featured on the new summer menu was the Bang Bang Salad that followed the salmon salad. It was very bland and needed either more vegetables or more salad dressing—maybe both. With a name like Bang Bang Salad I was expecting an explosion of flavors but instead got nothin’ but limp lettuce lacking taste.

The char sui chicken pizza made up for it in aces though. It was a pizza featuring Korean BBQ marinated chicken, red onion and cilantro with hoisin sauce and topped with mozzarella cheese. I know, you’re probably drooling on your keyboard just reading that. While I only took a few bites of the previous dishes to save room, I inhaled the little baby slice that was given to me, and I’m not even ashamed to admit it.

Due to time constraints the pulled pork sliders and the Aztec burger were served together which did a great disservice to the pulled pork sliders because the Aztec burger blew them out of the water.  The pulled pork sliders were tasty with homemade slaw accompanying the slow-roasted pulled pork on a potato roll, but if given the choice I would always pick the burger. The Aztec Burger has cheddar cheese, guacamole and chipotle aioli on top of a blackened burger. I’m drooling just reminiscing about it.

Lesley and I were eagerly anticipating the mac n’ cheese from the moment we read the descriptor on the menu, and we were not disappointed.  The Mac n’ Cheese has béchamel, Swiss and cheddar with home-style elbow noodles, and let me tell you it did not disappoint. If I was ever sobbing in a cold shower due to a break up, this dish could potentially fill the void in my life and remove all sorrow—it’s that good.

Last but not least we were served the five spice ahi tuna. I am a huge fan of tuna, especially rare ahi tuna. While the rest of the ladies at the table weren’t pleased with the dish, I was inhaling every last bite and licking the wasabi cream off my fingers. The dish was ahi tuna with Chinese five spice on kim chee pancakes, wasabi cream and pickled cucumbers. I could have done without the kim chee pancakes, but the wasabi cream was delicious and held quite a kick.

Somewhere between the trillion courses we were served, Lesley and I found ourselves at the bar again where we both opted for the orange crush cocktail. Just like everything else I dined and drank that evening it too was refreshing and delicious.

Tonic at Quigley’s
2036 G Street N.W.
Washington, D.C.

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