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Recap: New Dinner Menu at SoHo DC (Plus a Special Offer!)

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I’m not a big Adam’s Morgan fan. Well, “not a fan” would be a generous statement at best.

Typically, at mere mention of the neighborhood, I turn up my nose and propose an alternative neighborhood: Logan, Dupont, H Street, Georgetown─anywhere but Adams Morgan, where I envision the streets to be lined with hooligans and 18-year-old college students looking to rage.

But, lately, I’ve been singing a different tune. There are wonderful dining options: Cashions, Mintwood Place, and Napoleon.


There’s also SoHo (Southern Hospitality), which the Bitches absolutely loved for brunch. Even more shocking is the fact I’ve been hanging out at SoHo in Adams Morgan for drinks with friends─like, at the bar.

A few of my very close gal pals absolutely love SoHo, and hang out there on the reg, and, by association, I do, too. Best of all, as a single gal, the place is swarming with attractive, normal men─the kind that want to watch sports over a beer with their friends.

Yep, I think I’ve found a new spot.

Becca and I dropped by the other night for dinner with my British work dad Stuart, who flies across the pond just to have dinner with me and check in on his only American “daughter.” Naturally, we had our cameras en tow, so we decided to snap some pics of SoHo’s newly revamped menu so you Bitches could see what you’re missing.

While SoHo is a place known for its bad-for-you-but-delicious Southern cuisine and bar food, there are some healthy options. I tend to opt for the crab and avocado dish, served with diced mango, shredded carrot, topped with a sweet dill dressing, and served chilled in a martini glass. It’s filled with enormous chunks of crab meat and avocado and is my style of healthy─healthy with plenty of substance and flavor.


Next up, both Stuart and I ordered mussels: the white wine variation for him and the spicy marinara style for me. I love that SoHo offers this spicy version, it’s a good option to have from the typical white wine garlicky take.


A new dish they have on the menu that is well worth the trip is the lobster ravioli, which were enormous ravioli stuffed to the brim with lobster. The ravioli was topped with a pesto sauce and served with diced asparagus. Next time I go to SoHo, which will be very soon, I’ll be saving up calories to indulge in this dish.


Also on the appetizer options was the rack of lamb, marinated in a red wine sauce and served with delicious fluffy mashed potatoes.


I mandated we order SoHo’s infamous sweet potato fries, which are topped with brown sugar and served with both ketchup and a sour cream dipping sauce. These fries are damn good, thick and crispy, and as they are sweet potatoes, somewhat more healthy than the regular potato variety.


Becca ordered the filet mignon, which was new on the menu and served with asparagus and goat cheese mashed potatoes. It wasn’t cooked right when it arrived, but the server quickly whisked it away and presented a brand new (cooked to perfection) steak within minutes.


SoHo’s a great option for a mid-week meal, and we recommend you stop in next time you’re in the neighborhood─or make a trip there soon. If you go on a Wednesday or Thursday in November and you mention to your server “Bitches Who Brunch” they will give you 20% off your entire order!

1815 Adams Mill Road N.W.
Washington, D.C.
(202) 588-0411

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