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Recap: Josephine and Belvedere Reopening Party

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Despite my proclivity for Euro-pop and Jennifer Lopez tunes (please don’t tell anyone, but that song is good!), I’m not a big nightclub girl. But, send me an invite to a party with complimentary Moet Hennessey champagne three blocks from my abode, and I’m there faster than you can say “I’ll have another glass, please.”

Photo credit: Daniel Schwartz of Revamp

On this occasion, newly remodeled nightclub Josephine hosted a reopening bash along with Belvedere Red last week. The red-and-black-themed celebration matched the new red-and-black décor. The French-themed lavish nightclub, named for Napoleon’s lover, has ditched the damask and ultra-femme décor for a harder, more urban industrial feel with lots of lights. If it used to be the place you’d go for girly cocktails with your girlfriends, now it’s where you’ll head to dance your face off until three in the morning.

Photo credit: Alfredo Flores for Metromix

Cocktail waitresses donned red bandage dresses and served Belvedere cocktails with plastic red flashing ice cubes and handed out red wristbands to promote AIDS awareness. Belvedere Red is part of a host of Project (RED) products, which donate a percentage of proceeds to fighting AIDS. So, next time you order a vodka drink at Josephine, ask for it to be made with Belvedere Red; perhaps you’ll feel a little less guilty about your hangover.

Photo credit: Guest of a Guest

The party, orchestrated by PR maven Dannia Hakki of Moki Media, was filled with photographers—Daniel of Revamp, Alfredo of Metromix, Vithaya, and, the latest and greatest online social chronicles, Guest of a Guest. There was even a videographer chronicling the evening. (Don’t want to see that video. My dance moves are horrific.) K Street Kate was on scene, as was Paul Wharton of DC Housewives fame, wearing a ’70s style faux fur vest.

1008 Vermont Ave. N.W.
Washington, D.C.
(202) 347- 8601

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