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Recap: Fashion for Charity

It’s funny how a beat-the-Valentine’s-Day-blues weekend with friends can turn into every girl’s dream VIP party at a runway show during New York Fashion Week.

Yes, that’s how quickly things happen. I’m surrounded by the best, blessed Bitches. And it’s only right that we’d hang in NYC with a bunch of Bastards.

Let me explain.

I jumped on a flight from Tampa headed for NYC to visit brand-new New Yorker and head Bitch, Becca, for a V-Day escape and a viewing of 50 Shades (quick review: Skip it). Serendipitously, another one of my buds, Charles Ferri, founder of Star Vodka and cast member of Esquire Network’s docu-series, Lucky Bastards, was hosting Privé Group’s Fashion for Charity show. His cast mate, Rocco Cafferelli, was launching his denim line, Con Vino Jeans, that evening. Naturally, fellow Lucky Bastards stars Scott Mitchell and Craig Clemens were joining the festivities.


Well then. I grabbed some press passes for fellow intrepid reporter, Angela Voelker, and myself and extended my stay by another day. Just like that.

The Meatpacking District’s Highline Ballroom was just filling up when Angela and I spotted ever-so gracious host Charles, who ushered us into VIP where we were welcomed by smiles, Star Vodka and Altaneve, a delightfully light and effervescent Italian Prosecco poured for us by none other than the dashingly dapper proprietor of the brand, David Noto.

We were also charmed by Melissa Ferri, Charles’ wife of just a few months. She was one of the only female cast members on Lucky Bastards, and the couple’s impending engagement was an ongoing source of good-spirited anxiety for Charles during each episode. Today, the Ferris are just the cutest married pair ever.


Beyond all the babes and bubbly, Fashion for Charity had some important business to do. The fourth annual event brought in $2,000 for Holy Apostle’s Soup Kitchen, a cause near and dear to Charles.

“I have done work with these guys before with Susan Sarandon,” he says. “She recommended that I do something with Holy Apostle’s. From there, I volunteered with them and started establishing a relationship with them, and any time I get a chance, I try to incorporate them into events.”


He also brought in Maserati, which was showing off Ghibli and Quattroporte models outside the venue. “We do a lot of events with Charles and Star Vodka,” says Lana Shanken of Maserati Manhattan. “Fashion week is obviously something wonderful that we love to be involved with, and when you bring a charity in with it, it’s a win-win.”

Another winner for the night, Rocco Cafferelli, whose Cheshire grin gleamed through a bushy beard as his bevvy of long-legged models gave some fierce face with high ponies and even higher heels in his new denim designs: high-waisted skinnies, slouchy boyfriends, hip-hugging blacks and blues and metallic-coated jeans that we’ve got just one word for: Obsessed.

“I’m extremely excited,” Rocco says. “This is our first-ever show, and it’s New York Fashion Week. It doesn’t get better than that.”

He says the line is getting good initial response, and he’s in talks with retailers and looking at e-commerce options. Can’t come soon enough, as far as I’m concerned. I need those cropped, loose-fit with a side metallic swipe in my life. Like, now.

Rounding out the show were sassy, edgy designs from fellow New York designers, Fly Dove, Taylor Knight Collection and Wicked Threads.


“I love doing fashion week events,” Charles says. “But not only that, I love supporting young, up-and-coming designers in New York.”

Cheers to that, sir. We were all feeling pretty lucky that night.

Shellie, Guest Bitch

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