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Recap: Edible Manhattan’s Good Beer 2015

There’s something about experiencing summers in New York City that takes your breath away. There’s something about the beautiful scenery, the perfect weather (us New Yorkers do not take for granted), and the seasonal craft beers that embody such refreshing tastes.  So when I was invited to this year’s Edible Manhattan’s Annual Good Beer Festival, I hopped at the chance to tickle my palette’s fancy with an array of delicious brews.

Good Beer - Sierra Nevada

It was the perfect Thursday for a wind me down to the near-end work week.  After a whirlwind of a workday, my boyfriend Danny met me down at the Midtown venue for some eventful food and beer tasting.  When entering the venue, it was an open warehouse filled with a plethora of some of my favorite breweries including Stella Artois and Sierra Nevada.  But also, to my surprise, there was an elevator leading up to a bunch of other brews and eats from some of NYC’s best restaurants.  I figured I’d start from the bottom and work my way up.

I must say the lower level had some of the best food options.  I started off with Almond NYC’s housemade smoked chicken sausage topped with corn and green chili relish.  It was definitely an explosion of flavors in my mouth.  I couldn’t stop myself from going for seconds.

Good Beer - Ellary's Greens

We also enjoyed Ellary’s Greens Chickpea Burger, a light option with escarole and roasted tomato jam on a housemade whole-grain English muffin.  Over the past few months, we’ve been exploring vegan and vegetarian options to infuse in our diet, so this definitely delighted my taste buds.

After having my fair share of tapas, I decided to clear my palette with Brewery Ommegang’s Joemmegang brew.  It’s a unique blend of their malty brown ale and Stagecoach Coffee — and it’s certainly a pick me up.  If you’re a coffee aficionado, this is definitely the beer to indulge in when mid-day brunching.

Good Beer - Almond NYC

We finally made our way up to the next level of festivities — an overwhelming variety of brews, foods and delicacies.  Making my way through the long list of deliciousness, I had to stop at the chance to have my first taste of Sierra Nevada’s new bigfoot barleywine barrel-aged ale (what a mouthful).  I’ve always appreciated Sierra Nevada’s light and natural take on craft beers, and this was nothing short of that.  It was robust with flavor, but didn’t leave me feeling heavy.  It was my favorite choice of the night.

Good Beer - Jacob's Pickles

Onto to the next table, I came across a pickle bar from Jacob’s Pickles.  This bar was unlike any I’ve seen, having a variety of pickled items from candy red beets (which I loved growing up as a kid), sweet and spicy carrots, and pickled eggs.  Not only was it colorful, it was a nice touch of sweet and salty, considering all of the booze we’d consumed.

Good Beer - Ommegang Brewery

Overall, I’d give Edible Manhattan’s Good Beer Fest an A-.  While I enjoyed the array of amazing beer and eats, it was quite uncomfortably steamy in the upper level.  I’d definitely be a Bitch willing to embark on the next festival.

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