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Recap: Drambuie and Chilled Magazine National Cocktail Competition

I love when I am able to attend events that not only take me out of my neighborhood, but also have me try things that I otherwise wouldn’t choose unless prompted.

Courtesy of Drambuie
Courtesy of Drambuie

On a casual Tuesday night, I made my way to Logan Square for a cocktail competition where the main liquor ingredient used would be whisky. Now, I am a clear liquor girl: vodka, gin, etc.—those are my go-tos (if white wine isn’t available.) So, coming into this event I was intrigued, but skeptical. It’s challenging to make a cocktail taste like a “non-whisky” drink, but that was what the competition was all about.

Courtesy of Drambuie

The featured liquor was the Scottish classic, Drambuie, which hosted this Chicago portion of the National Cocktail Competition. The event was at The Heavy Feather, a small speakeasy atop the Slippery Slope. It is an amazing gem in Logan Square that just celebrated its one year anniversary, and has been thriving ever since.

Courtesy of Drambuie

The five bartenders who were commissioned to participate in the competition are from local, well-known bars in Chicago and all of them created unique, and delicious cocktails. The competition required the bartenders to create two, signature cocktails using the Drambuie whiskey. A panel of judges scored and rated each of the cocktails, while guests voted for their favorites by dropping tokens in bowls for each bartender.

Courtesy of Drambuie

It was a fantastic event, and Kevin Beary of Three Dots and A Dash, wowed the judges and won the Chicago Drambuie cocktail competition. Who knows, maybe after this, I’ll be a whisky drinker.


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