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Recap: Biscuit Bash

We had the pleasure of attending the Biscuit Bash at Art and Soul this year. This Southern comfort, casual event was filled with copious cocktails and bountiful biscuits.

The venue, Art & Soul, was perfect for the party.  The space was just right: not too big, and not too crowded. There was also a great flow to the event, with enough tables to set down your plates and drinks, but also the ability to mingle with the other guests. The plentiful seating allowed guests of all ages to relax and enjoy the venue and bites comfortably.

The patio is gorgeous—complete with string lights and a stunning view of the Capitol building.


The 11 biscuit options were all delicious–some were sweet, some were savory, some were funky, and some were for the adventurous eaters. My favorites were from Buttercream BakeShop (read our preview here) and from DC Central Kitchen. Buttercream Bake Shop had a delicious assortment of whipped creams and compotes to dress your biscuit.


Personally, I loved the basil-infused whipped cream, macerated berries, and lemon curd. The biscuit was light and fluffy—and made even more delectable by the sweet toppings.

I also loved the fried chicken and biscuits from DC Central Kitchen. The fried chicken was crispy and tasty. The biscuit was a bit more dense than the dessert biscuits. Following the trend, these sandwiches came with a toppings bar as well. From herb honey to strawberry jam or mango salsa, the toppings only added unique flavors and let attendees get creative!


The drinks were funky and well-crafted, adding a unique complement to the buttery biscuits. There were a couple options–a smoky gin Rickey, a rye punch, and two craft beers from Right Proper Brewing Co.

The Rickey was spectacular, while the punch was a little strong for me, but it would certainly appeal to the punch lovers out there. The beer was great! The quite attentive and helpful barkeep suggested I try a sour-like brew–I loved it! And, I don’t even like beer.

Overall, we would totally recommend this event for anyone. Perfect for carb lovers of all ages, this event is definitely worth a $40 ticket. It’s great for a first date, date night, or girls’ night out.


Tess enjoys all things D.C. and food related. You can find her pursing a marketing career during the week while brunching and boozing all weekend. Will work for truffle potato chips.

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