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Recap: Ball on the Mall Kick-Off

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Do you remember when those worker’s rights protesters picketed the Madison Hotel in on 15th Street forever? With their catchy chants and their drum beats, they woke me up multiple mornings and prevented me from holding normal cell phone conversations with my mother as I commuted to work. Clearly, sometimes, I found this irritating. Other times, I danced on by clapping with the beat (Hell-No-We-Won’t-Go!). Loved their energy and expression (Freedom of Speech! Freedom of Assembly), this is our nation’s capital, after all.

I never entered the Madison Hotel—I never could. It was blocked by the aforementioned drum circle. Hopefully, all these folks came to an agreement (as the protesters have since dissipated) because the Madison Hotel is a gem. (According to the Washington Business Journal, the Union was protesting worker’s layoffs following an ownership changeover and the issue was resolved.)

Additionally, at some point during this whole hullabaloo, The Madison revamped its hotel bar, The Federalist. It’s a truly breathtaking space that makes you want to stay awhile.

Photo credit: Daniel Swartz of Revamp

I entered the Federalist for the first time Monday, for the L’Enfant Society’s Ball on the Mall Kick-off Party. The elegant, classic space serves up amazing cocktails and Mid-Atlantic cuisine. The Federalist embodies a classic, sophisticated Washington hotel that’s perfect for having after-work cocktails whether you’re an out-of-towner or a local.

As for the event, the L’Enfant Society threw a spectacular shindig, packing the space to the brim with fun, successful, well-rounded Washingtonians. K Street Kate, Revamp and Guest of a Guest were on-hand snapping pictures as key influencers in the political, business and social world mixed and mingled. The cocktails were stellar, the snacks delish, and the wine surprisingly good for a charity fete.

Photo creditL Jane Pyle of Guest of a Guest DC

The L’Enfant Society is the young professionals wing of the Trust for the National Mall, whose mission is to “restore, revitalize and preserve the National Mall, home to the enduring symbols of our democracy, for present and future generations.” The event was a kick-off for the annual Ball on the Mall, the best gala of the year held, unsurprisingly, in tents on the National Mall.

The kick-off party raised more than $6,000 for the Trust and was attended by 255 people.

Following Monday’s fete, I’ve already purchased my Ball on the Mall ticket and made plans for a cocktail date at The Federalist. I recommend you do the same.

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