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Recap: 2941 Fall Harvest Festival

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Every year when the leaves start to change colors, the volume of pumpkin-flavored things increase, and Halloween decorations make their debut, a little part of me (read: absolutely all of me) gets excited that fall is finally here.

So when 2941 Restaurant invited the Bitches to their Fall Harvest Festival, I was more than happy to RSVP for two.


On the beautiful Sunday morning, we pulled up to Edward Cullen’s house in Falls Church, Virginia. I kid, but seriously 2941 Restaurant looks like the Cullen’s house from the movie Twilight. I’m not even ashamed to admit that I know that.

The eatery has a beautiful facade, Koi ponds surround the front walkway, and the majority of the building is covered with windows. The restaurant was stunning, with a mix of colorful fall leaves, sunlight pouring through the windows, and multi-colored koi swimming around outside.


The event was listed as a tasting of fall comfort food paired with a selection of seasonal wines and craft beers with a French twist. Between the description of the event, and the décor of the restaurant, I had high hopes.

I’ve been working for the HBIC (Head Bitches in Charge) for about two years now, and in that time I’ve been to a lot events. This event, I have to say, was one of the worst I’ve been to.

The venue and the staff were running behind, so some of the details were rushed. An example would be the mixture of porcelain plates and plastic plates available to guests. The food was arranged in stations instead of one continuous buffet, causing several large lines to form behind each station, and the pours for beer and wine were minimal.

To their credit, it was supposed to be a tasting, but with no full-sized beverages available you would think they would have something fuller than the kid-sized lemonades on the tables. I’d like to say the food was worth the wait, but sadly the food was simply mediocre and unmemorable.

I vaguely remember the food that I decided on, but nothing stuck out in my mind as particularly delicious. There was a wide variety, from fall ratatouille, French fries, oysters, a cheese station with several types of cheese, to freshly grilled meat. Servers would also pass by in tandem with trays of equally random food.


Once I filled up my mixture of plastic and ceramic plates, it was anyone’s guess as to where I should sit. Think musical chairs but with far more complaining. Seating was set up in the dining room, outside, and some booths were available within the room that held the food. There was not nearly enough seating for all of the guests in attendance.

Some parties were filled with elderly folks, and some were filled with small children, which made me question who their demographic was. As we were leaving our table, a mother complete with a baby on her hip actually dove for our table in an effort to find somewhere for her family to sit.

It was clear that many of the guests that afternoon were either disappointed or highly upset about the seating situation, and upon exit the management was getting an earful from a handful of patrons.


While I was a guest of the restaurant, the other patrons paid $65 a head. Had this been a fundraiser, I would have let the mediocrity and disorganization slide a little, but as a showcase of the chef’s skills and the venue as a whole, this event did nothing but a disservice.


My recommendations would be to focus on the quality of food instead of the quantity, and to be selective about the number of tickets available for an event. I’m going to assume this was the first time this event has been put on, therefore it literally can only get better from here.

I’d be willing to try 2941 Restaurant for a regular run of the mill meal, but I would not return for another event, or anything resembling a buffet service.

2941 Restaurant
2941 Fairview Park Drive,
Falls Church, VA 22042
(703) 270-1500

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