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Preview: DC Harvest Fall Menu

Sponsored: While this post was written independently, Bitches Who Brunch does receive compensation from DC Harvest.

It was time for a girls’ night, so naturally we headed to DC Harvest, which is quiet on Monday nights, allowing us to yap as loudly as we’d like. The menu changes seasonally, so we can eat all the fresh veggies.

I was due for a catch-up with Alana and Cara, two of my best friends. We began with the cheese plate, as we always do. Plus, copious amounts of Pinot Noir and Malbec, respectively. This was girl’s night—it had been a booze-filled weekend that had followed stressful weeks for all of us—and we needed to lick our wounds.


The cheese plate was epic as usual, with blue cheese, hard cow’s cheese and a buttery sheep’s milk ricotta. It was served with all our favorite accoutrements: a black olive tapenade, a bacon chutney, smoked nuts, and pickled apricots, as well as a basket of toasted, sliced wheat and white bread.

We knew we had to try the fried green tomatoes, a new addition to the menu that are mercifully gluten-free and absolutely delicious. They were covered with lightly dressed micro greens, and I relish every chance to get greens in my stomach, though I never order a salad.


Chef Arthur also sent out the seared octopus, served over a squid ink sauce with diced, roasted celery. Now, I typically don’t crave squid ink or celery, but I loved the taste of this three-part combo, and the presentation was beautiful.


The presentation of the sea scallops changes seasonally, but we were particularly intrigued by this season’s offering, as it was loaded with veggies. The jumbo, buttery, fresh scallops came with roasted cherry tomatoes, zucchini, and corn. Cara and I both had this dish—relishing the much-needed veggies. Shamelessly, I polished off my entire dish within a matter of minutes, joining the clean plate club and garnering happy commentary from Chef Arthur on his next table-side visit.


Alana opted for the smoked chicken breast, roasted with spicy syrup for a yummy, crispy chicken skin and served with walnuts and currants over a cheddar grit cake. Not done yet, I stole a bite of the cheddar grit cake and I was very pleased that I did.

We concluded with the gluten-free blueberry lemon meyer ice box cake and the s’mores pot du crème. The cake was made with a Meyer lemon mousse, ladyfingers, Virginia blueberry compote, and Thai basil for a little something extra. We enjoyed this cake, but our focus was on the s’mores—as the rich, decadent chocolate and marshmallow dish is just too good. “This is still the best dessert I’ve ever eaten,” said Cara between mouthfuls of polishing off the dish.

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