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Pizzeria Serio Brunch

Ahh, brick oven pizza. Who doesn’t love it? Pizza is literally my favorite food group ever… I mean favorite “food” ever. I just love it. Which is why I was extra delighted when the lovely people from Pizzeria Serio invited me to come check out their new brunch menu. So on a sunny Saturday morning, my bestie Charlotte and I ventured just a little west of her neighborhood of Lincoln Park over to Lakeview to check out the breakfast pizza offerings.

Pizzeria Serio Brunch

Pizzeria Serio is a small, quaint pizza joint. It is a dark space illuminated by the oven in the back, as well as the open windows at the front of the restaurant that open up to the street. Charlotte and I entered and realized we were the only people in the restaurant. We choose a seat right up front, where the sun was shining and we could people watch the passerby strolling through the neighborhood.

Pizzeria Serio Brunch

We were quickly greeted by Scott, the owner, a super nice guy. He greeted us with a house-made cinnamon sticky bun, made with the same dough used in the pizza. Okay! I was stoked to try this warm sticky roll, and loved that it was a nice touch they use to greet people. Charlotte and I ordered a round of mimosas to accompany it.

Pizzeria Serio Brunch

It was YUM-MY. Seriously, it was so good. The glaze on the outside was sweet and confection-y, meanwhile the inside of the roll provided the perfect amount of cinnamon flavor courtesy of the sugary cinnamon pasted that lined the dough.

For brunch, the menu is simple. You first choose between a breakfast pizza with scrambled eggs, or a breakfast skillet and then you move on to some serious topping decision-making. With either format you can choose from Americana, Mexicana, Cajun, or vegetarian-style dishes.

Pizzeria Serio Brunch

Charlotte and I decided to order one of each and share. We opted to go with the Americana for pizza, and then try the Cajun skillet at the recommendation of our server. He suggested we get a side order of the andouille sausage to accompany the skillet. We also ordered a side of fruit.

Pizzeria Serio Brunch

Our pizza came out hot and bubbling, with the toppings adding bright color to the scrambled eggs and cheese base of the pizza. The skillet was full with its components, and was topped with two fried eggs. The andouille sausage was a round ring of grilled sausage, not sliced sausage as I had anticipated.

The pizza was yummy and delightful. There is something truly to be admired about brick oven pizza. The flavor you get from the crust, as well as the crispy texture, is enough to make this pizza-addict go weak at the knees. This pizza was no exception, and it made me excited to come back and try the regular menu pizzas another time soon.

Pizzeria Serio Brunch

The skillet was yummy too. Not as aesthetically pleasing as the pizza, but delicious nonetheless. I liked the andouille sausage, but couldn’t finish the dish as my desire to eat every last bite of pizza overshadowed my desire to enjoy the skillet.

Pizzeria Serio Brunch

Overall, brunch at Pizzeria Serio was a delight. Only a few other patrons came in for brunch after we arrived, so the brunch there is very new and needs to get the word out, but for a simple, straight-to-the-point brunch, this spot s perfect for weekend brunch.

The team there also runs Craft Pizza in Wicker Park, somewhere I have been meaning to check out for years since moving West. Scott encouraged me to come in and check them out, and later that evening, I went in for a double-whammy of pizza; do not judge me! I learned that they also offer brunch, and I plan on checking it out soon. Watch out for my brunch review of Craft Pizza’s bagels, hopefully to come in the very near future!

The Bitches Say: B. Pizzeria Serio has a simple brunch menu, but it is a delight. If you like breakfast pizza and live up north, I strongly encourage you to check this spot out for a straight to the point, no thrills, yet surprisingly yummy brunch.

Pizzeria Serio will serve weekend brunch every Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. (773) 525-0600


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