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There are few things better than brunching with your Bitches. That is until you spontaneously add several Brunching Bros, unlimited booze, and all the pizza you can eat. Piola Pizza, new to the U Street Corridor, invited us to indulge in their unlimited pizza brunch. We eagerly accepted as we are the queens of carbs, and made our way down the sunny streets of DC towards the eatery.

We entered the restaurant and were greeted immediately by a smiling and welcoming hostess. While Cori Sue checked us in, I spent the time perusing the restaurant and taking in the scenery. Piola’s atmosphere is well lit, a little funky, and looks almost half finished, which lends itself to a relaxed feeling. Multicolored light fixtures hang from the ceiling and drop between the first floor and the second. The bar consumes most of the first floor, but the second floor not only has tons of seating, but also has a large rooftop. It’s definitely a casual, no fuss establishment.


When faced with the option of dining inside or outside on the patio, we were torn. Should we bask in the sunshine or indulge in the air conditioning? We opted for a table just inside the doors in order to get the best of both worlds. Our adorable and attentive waiter greeted us warmly and gave us the rundown of how the pizza brunch worked.


We could order as many pizzas as our hearts desired in any variety we wanted, and the same went for the cocktails. It’s $15.95 for bottomless pizza ($7.95 for childen) and an additional $15 for bottomless sangria and sparkling drinks, of which there are five options. The pizzas are six-inch, individual sized, in order to maximize one’s pizza eating.

Cori Sue decided to start with a Bellini, I went with a strawberry champagne cocktail, and Christina opted for a Diet Coke to start. After we received our drinks, I traipsed off to the bathroom to freshen up, and when I returned the girls were gone. Startled, I looked around in a confused state until I spotted them across the restaurant accompanied by several Bros. Turns out that Cori Sue ran into one of her co-workers and they decided to combine brunch parties while I was away. I moseyed over and took my spot at the end of the table as if I’d never left. We quickly jumped into rousing conversation about which pizzas we were all dying to try, the start of football season, and Washington life.

The cocktails are incredibly fresh and frothy, made with fresh-squeezes juices and served individually, rather than in a carafe or jug like some bottomless brunches.


One of the best parts about Piola’s pizza brunch is how easy it is to share everything, as the petite pies are cut into quarters. I made sure to grab a slice of every pie my Bitches ordered, to ensure I’d be a thorough judge.


Christina started with the Carbonara pizza, which was composed of eggs, bacon, and shredded Parmesan cheese. It was the perfect combination of classic breakfast foods on a warm, moist, and crispy pizza crust.

CS opted for a pizza of cheese, spinach and an egg over easy on top. It was gooey, but I was so enraptured with Christina’s pizza that it didn’t quite compare. It was her least favorite dish, unfortunately, as the spinach just wasn’t up to snuff.


I went with the Malta Pizza. It combined some of my favorite things: cheese, bread, and thinly sliced potatoes with rosemary. It was absolutely divine. The potatoes were cooked perfectly and only added to subtle but complex flavors. The table later ordered several more of these—to each diner’s delight.


We decided to start on the second round with the Bruxelles Pizza, which was ricotta cheese, fresh tomatoes, and basil. It was a delicious combination of creamy ricotta and fresh ingredients.


Christina braved the menu and ordered a Mediterranean Pizza. The crust was cut into triangles, almost like pita bread, and coated in a variety of spices. It was accompanied by olives, a cream sauce, and fresh veggies.


I didn’t sample this one, solely because I was waiting on my Nutella Pizza. People, do you need me to say it? It was incredible. Warm and flaky pizza crust smothered in Nutella, topped with fresh, flavorful strawberries, and sprinkled with powdered sugar. How can you go wrong? You can’t, it’s just not possible.


While the pizza is not exactly gourmet, and Italians and New Yorkers might turn up their nose, the pizza brunch experience was fantastic: good food, great company, and great service. I had to roll myself all the way back to Virginia in order to defeat the amount of carbs I consumed. You just can’t beat Piola’s Pizza Brunch deal with all you can eat (for $15) and all you can drink (for $15) with such a wide variety of options. I will definitely be back with some of my best Bitches and Bros in tow to indulge in the carb laden goodness.

The Bitches say: B+. The pizza is average, the deal can’t be beat, and the service is great. This place is perfect for groups and bottomless brunch groups and we highly recommend it for both.

2208 14th Street N.W.
Washington, D.C.
(202) 986-8729

Piola serves its bottomless pizza and mimosa brunch Saturdays and Sundays

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  1. Do you happen to know if Piola’s Rosslyn location offers this same brunch deal, or it’s only available on 14th Street?

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