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Parson’s Chicken and Fish Brunch

Chicago summers can be brutal, and on this particular Sunday, it was horrifically humid. My friend Jill and I had set out to brunch at Bang Bang Pie & Biscuits in Logan, but after standing in line for ten minutes, I decided we had to find another option.

After furiously Googling brunch options in the area, I came across Parson’s Chicken and Fish—a low-key fish and fried chicken spot that has been trending on Instagram since it opened. Perfect! Jill and I made our way over to Parson’s Chicken and Fish and were so happy to not be greeted with a line or wait.

Parson's Chicken and Fish Brunch

Parson’s Chicken and Fish has been buzz-worthy for some time now, and I always see beautifully composed photos of delicious dishes of food on my social media feeds. Many of the photos and captions for Parson’s show diners enjoying the food all day, and even though there is no dedicated brunch menu (at the moment), many people opt to brunch at Parson’s anyway. I was skeptical but I had to go and see for myself whether or not this non-traditional brunch spot was really worth sacrificing pancakes and waffles. NOTE: When Parson’s launches a brunch menu this winter, you will have a dedicated Parson’s brunch menu review, as well.

As we walked up to Parson’s, the red and white exterior brought back waves of nostalgia of summers at Dewey beach, DE—Parson’s look and feel is reminiscent of a beach dive, expect there is no beach in Logan Square.

Parson’s has a small indoor area with long community tables, and a red and white tiled bar. The back of the restaurant is really where Parson’s sets themselves apart from other restaurants in Chicago. The extensive outdoor patio area has several umbrella shielded picnic tables, a shack-like bar, and a sandy floor.

Parson's Chicken and Fish Brunch

Due to the heat, Jill and I decided to dine inside and were seated at a long, wooden table with stools. The indoor area was equipped with a bar, several community tables and was minimally decorated with simple lighting fixtures and red and white tiling. It felt very casual, yet chic with its simplicity—I was smitten from the get-go.

Parson's Chicken and Fish Brunch

For beverages, Jill decided to go with the cold brew coffee with simple syrup and cream. She wasn’t expecting the coffee to come in a bottle, but it was nonetheless delicious. She poured it over ice and it was just the way she liked it—a bit sweet, and a bit creamy.

Parson's Chicken and Fish Brunch

I really needed to find a way to cool down, so I decided to try a special new drink, the Perrier slushy. The slushy was a combination of Saint Germaine, grapefruit Perrier, rum, and sparkling Pellegrino. It was fresh, tingly, and cold—exactly what I needed to help me cool down from our walk over.

We sat and chatted for a moment before delving into the menu and ultimately ordered appetizers aplenty. Of the variety on the menu, we decided to go all deep fried and ordered the hush puppies, the cheese curd fritters, and the patio pasta salad. Let me tell you, the appetizers hit this brunch out of the park!

Parson's Chicken and Fish Brunch

The hush puppies were made of cream cheese, scallions, ham hock, and three sisters garden corn meal. I had never had hush puppies before, but I will never turn them down now! These fluffy deep fried balls of deliciousness were incredible. Then again, who is ever going to say “deep fried corn bread is terrible”—no one.

The fried cheese curd fritters were a combination of potatoes, cream, confit garlic, aged cheddar, jalapeño, and a side of buttermilk dressing. These tiny balls of deep fried cheese were delicious and the addition of the potato to the fritters was a nice choice. It gave the center consistency a bit more heartiness to it than if it were just cheese.

Parson's Chicken and Fish Brunch

The patio pasta salad was a combination of cucumbers, feta cheese, red onions, peas, lemon aioli, garlic, and mint. The pasta was delicious, fresh, flavorful—another appetizer that I wish was never ending. It was a nice departure from all the fried food we had ordered, so I was happy with this choice.

After the amazing display of appetizers, we were excited to see what was in store for us when it came to entrees. Being that the name of the restaurant is Parson’s Chicken and Fish, we both decided to try some chicken and fish.

Parson's Chicken and Fish Brunch

Jill opted for the Amish fried chicken. It was a simple presentation of just fried chicken, but Jill wasn’t about to complain, considering we had eaten our weight in appetizers beforehand. The breading was crispy, and crunchy and the chicken was soft, and juicy—a great combination and tall tale signs of perfectly cooked chicken. Jill was really happy with her entree choice and she could only recall a couple other times she’d had fried chicken this good in the city.

Parson's Chicken and Fish Brunch

I ordered the fish sandwich with house made potato chips. The fish was beer battered white fish with a fresh slaw, American cheese, hot sauce, and North Star pickles. This was a delicious sandwich—the fish was light and airy, and not too fishy, which I appreciated. The fresh slaw and pickles added a nice flavorful zing, and the hot sauce woke up my taste buds. I really enjoyed the dish, but I was so full from the appetizers that I ended up bringing half of my sandwich home to snack on later.

Parson's Chicken and Fish Brunch

Parson’s Chicken and Fish was a great spot to grab a low-key brunch on this particular Sunday. Whether or not our plans had been foiled with our first brunch attempt, I’m really glad we had a chance to brunch and so I could finally see this place in person. Again, this is a non-traditional brunch, so if you’re looking for something that’s a bit more like “lunch”, then come to Parson’s, enjoy the ambiance and of course, the chicken and fish.

The Bitches say: A. While Parson’s Chicken and Fish is not your typical brunch spot, it’s buzz-worthy for a reason. Try this standard menu for brunch, and come back in the winter to try the dedicated brunch menu—a review of that to come as it’s launched!

Parson’s Chicken and Fish
2952 W Armitage Ave.
Chicago, IL 60647
(773) 384-3333

Parson’s Chicken and Fish serves this menu from open to close, every day.


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