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Ocean Prime Easter Brunch

Easter has never been a big deal in my family. However, my regular brunch date, Rich, loves Easter. So, we made plans to check out Ocean Prime’s exclusive brunch on Easter Sunday. Ocean Prime only offers brunch just twice a year–once on Easter and then again on Mother’s Day. So, this same menu will be available this month, should you want to treat Mom.


We were seated in a spacious, blue velvet booth by the window that was perfect for people watching in the heart of downtown Washington. I ordered a blood orange mimosa, while Rich chose the Bloody Mary.


The cocktails were light and refreshing, but also strong. I left brunch quite tipsy and may have even snoozed in my Uber home. Rich enjoyed his Bloody, but switched to mimosas after one  shrimpy and spicy tomato beverage.


We were invited in to try this special brunch menu, but we wanted to try a seafood option from the regular menu. We went with the most basic of options: fried calamari. Not only was this the prettiest dish of calamari we’d ever seen, but it was also delicious.

While calamari is often chewy and rubbery, this was anything but. “That’s just how it’s supposed to taste!” –said everyone. They were wrong.

These rings were crispy, seasoned exquisitely, and did not have that rubbery, chewiness you often get with calamari. The seasoning had the perfect amount of kick.

We also loved that were only four tentacles on the plate—because everyone knows the rings are better.

I ordered the crab and eggs Benedict, per our fabulous waiter’s suggestion. This Benny came with sides of mixed greens and fresh fruit. The mixed greens were just that: mixed greens. They were dressed perfectly. Meanwhile, the fresh fruit wasn’t anything to write home about. The strawberries and grapes were fresh and tart, but the honeydew threw me off (Bitches hate honeydew). My crab cakes were delicious. They were mostly crab meat with very little bread filling. The flavors of this dish were top notch. My only complaint was that there was too much Hollandaise. The dish was drowning in sauce—and not in a good way. 


Rich ordered the braised short rib surf and turf. This dish comprised a crispy Gouda potato cake with a lobster claw, short rib, and poached egg on top. This concoction was then topped with Hollandaise sauce, making it a very unique twist on the classic Benedict. Rich loved this dish and nearly ate the whole thing before I could get one bite! The Gouda and lobster was an interesting flavor combination, but it was nothing mind-blowing or unique.


We somehow weren’t quite stuffed yet, so we ordered the French toast for dessert. We both really enjoyed this dish. The candied bacon sounded interesting and we were intrigued. I tasted a little sweetness, but it wasn’t too sugary. The bread was toasted well and the berries were fresh. My favorite part of this dish was the lemon curd—the dollop atop the French toast added a welcome tartness and moisture.


The Bitches say: B+. We loved this fancy pants, downtown locale and recommend it for any special occasion. The service was great and the food was executed beautifully and tastefully. Time to book those Mother’s Day reservations!


Tess enjoys all things D.C. and food related. You can find her pursing a marketing career during the week while brunching and boozing all weekend. Will work for truffle potato chips.

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