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Our Head Bitch in Charge Cori Sue recently was in town so we naturally convened over brunch. She obviously has a discerning palate so I knew I had to bring her somewhere good.


Luckily, I was invited to try the brunch menu at Nomo SoHo, located within a gorgeous boutique hotel on Thompson Street. The hotel and restaurant are full of funky, modern art like James Goldcrown’s Bleeding Hearts so this was the perfect trendy New York spot to bring a visitor with high expectations and great taste.


Many hotel brunches are rather lackluster and unmemorable, but the restaurant at NoMo is very chic and well curated. Even walking into the hotel, you’re surrounded by an entryway of vined walls and string lights, which opens into a bright, airy space. We were seated right by a live DJ spinning upbeat lounge music, contributing to the overall sceney vibe.


I live only a few blocks away so I beat Cori Sue to the restaurant and settled in with an almond milk latte as I took in the restaurant. The coffee was strong and I appreciated non-dairy options so no complaints on my end.


Originally, I had planned on taking it easy and maybe just enjoying a glass of wine with my meal, but our friendly server insisted we tried a few of the cocktails, if only for the photos. NoMo has an impressive cocktail program with unique housemade syrups and infusions.

Per our server’s recommendation, we tried the Day of the Dead and the Pina Del Sol  We were delighted over the impressive Insta-worthy presentation of the bevvys…honestly, everything is better in a golden pineapple. Both drinks contained complex ingredients such as kaffir lime leaves and Hamilton Pimento Dram, leaving us with alcohol-forward, islandy tastes.


After we got a sufficient buzz on as we caught up on Bitch business, onto the food. NoMo’s menu features a variety of eclectic global brunch fare ranging from Mexican-style elote corn, Asian inspired Bao buns, and upscale American classics like truffle flat bread. We ended up ordering quite the feast as it was difficult to narrow down the menu and because, journalism.

Even despite our impressive order, the chef sent out cauliflower for the table to kick off our meal. Cauliflower tempura was paired with toasted pistachio chili paste, providing a nice amount of kick to these small bites. We both found this dish well flavored and tasty, but didn’t want to spoil our appetites after each trying one.


From the salad menu, we ordered the elote corn and avocado toast, topped with a poached egg. The elote corn was presented beautifully, and contained a mix of local corn, cotiija cheese, avocado mousse, and radish espellete. This certainly was a fancy-pants version of typical Mexican street corn. The avocado mousse added decadent creaminess and we unanimously enjoyed this vegetarian option, although it was slightly overshadowed by more impressive dishes arriving to our table.

The avocado toast was simply stunning. Although the combination of avocado, Meyer lemon, and sea salt was pretty standard, the layers of avo and the perfectly poached egg looked like a work of art. This toast was balanced well with hints of acid and salt, and satisfied our inner Basic Bitches.


Cori Sue and I share the same taste that we could eat raw fish any time of day so the tuna tartare was a no brainer. Again, we were treated to a beautiful presentation, just as pretty as our fellow diners around us. The fish was fresh and plentiful, complemented by yozu whole grain mustard. The tartare is a must order.


Don’t judge, but we were only halfway through our gluttonous brunch at this point. Next to the table was the smoked salmon flat bread. This was an upscale take on your typical bagel and lox featuring Fromage Blanc, salmon roe, pickled onions, and capers. The combination was true to its inspiration and had a nice balance of savory and salty flavors. By this point, I was filling up and basically picked the salmon off the remainder of the shared plate.


Cori Sue was on a burger kick, in fact, she was on her third burger after two days in New York. So twist my arm, we ordered the Nostalgic burger with Wagyu beef, bread and butter pickles, herb fries, and a homemade bun. It was brunch after all so we also opted to add an egg.


The burger was juicy and you could definitely tell the crispy bun was well made. We both thought that the NoMo stamp on the bun was a fun touch and I couldn’t get enough of those bread and butter pickles. Even despite the fact that we were losing steam, this burger hit the spot and satisfied Cori Sue’s cravings.


As if this wasn’t enough, the staff was not about to let us wrap our meal without trying the lemon ricotta pancakes. In fact, the manager told us that he’s worked in New York restaurants for decades and these were the best pancakes he has ever tasted.

That’s a pretty steep claim so of course we needed to put it to the test. We gasped when this sky-high stack of fluffy carbs were presented with a flourish. I’ve never seen pancakes this thick; they were practically two inches high. I’m a big lemon fan so I loved that the zesty flavor really pulled through and wasn’t lost in the syrup and macerated berries. Do yourself a favor and order these pancakes for the table; only a few bites of this rich dish and your sweet tooth is appeased.


The Bitches say A. Upscale, lounge-y vibes paired with beautiful, well-executed plates. A bit on the pricier side, but we thought the experience warranted the price tag.

NoMo Soho
9 Crosby St
New York, NY 10013
(646) 218-6400

NoMo Soho serves brunch on Saturdays and Sundays from 12-4 p.m.

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