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National French Toast Day Guide: NYC

It’s a little cruel that National French Toast Day falls on the day after Thanksgiving. Our stomachs really can’t catch a break! The Bitches aren’t afraid to indulge, especially in the name of a holiday, so we will power through despite our turkey hangovers and celebrate this decadent occasion. Below is our guide to some of the best French toast New York City has to offer so you too can celebrate with style and flavor.

Market Table

Market Table 

Market Table’s orange blossom French toast with blackberry sauce, almond butter, and vanilla cream is to die for. The crisp of the sprinkled pecans coupled with the airy French toast, gooey blackberry, and flavorful syrup made for the perfect bite. The picture shown does it more justice than words. Read our full review here.

54 Carmine St.
New York, NY
(West Village)
(212) 255-2100

Cafe Cluny Brunch

Cafe Cluny

Cafe Cluny’s French toast comes with two enormous pieces of fluffy brioche that are served with nectarine, plum wedges, and maple syrup from upstate NY. The unique fruit selection adds a deliciously different element to this breakfast staple. Read our full review here.

284 W 12th St.
New York, NY
(West Village)
(212) 255-6900

Buttermilk Channel Brunch

Buttermilk Channel

This pecan pie French toast at Buttermilk Channel can pass as both a brunch entree and a dessert…we won’t judge you either way. Served with two extremely thick pieces of bread, a generous sprinkling of powdered sugar, toasted pecan topping, and a whipped cream so thick it looked like ice cream, we were impressed before we took the first bite. The finishing touch was the Bourbon molasses, which added further complexity to this show stopper. Read our full review here.

524 Court St.
Brooklyn, NY
(Carroll Gardens)
(718) 852-8490

ABC Cocina Brunch

ABC Cocina

Try the the Mexican French toast at ABC Cocina for a bit of a twist. Uniquely crispy and served with mangos, the fruit and the consistency made this dish more memorable than your standard French toast. Read our full review here.

38 E 19th St.
New York, NY
(212) 677-2233

Poco Brunch


Partygoers don’t really go to Poco for the food, but we found that the thick-cut French toast was one of our favorite bites of this acclaimed boozy brunch. The dish was topped with plenty of fresh fruit and enough substance to fuel us for a long day of bar-hopping. Read our full review here.

33 Avenue B
New York, NY
(East Village)
(212) 228-4461

Tavern on the Green Brunch

Tavern on the Green

Although this classic New York eatery has been blasted by most food critics after it reopened its doors, the brioche French toast was a breath of fresh air. It was stuffed with fresh ricotta, roasted rhubarb and strawberries, and was finished with maple black pepper lacquered bacon. Read our full review here.

Central Park West & W 67th St
New York, NY
(Upper West Side)
(212) 877-8684

Hotel Chantelle Brunch

Hotel Chantelle

We can’t rave enough about the 0.92 cent cocktails and live rooftop band during weekend brunch, but if that isn’t enough, Hotel Chantelle features an impressive French toast coated in cornflakes. This plentiful plate of carbs is stuffed with maple infused mascarpone and ricotta, and is ideal for sharing. Read our full review here.

92 Ludlow St.
New York, NY
(Lower East Side)
(212) 254-9100

The Marshal Brunch

The Marshal

French toast is one of the only sweet options on the brunch menu at this hidden gem in Hell’s Kitchen. We sampled the apple and maple cream cheese variety, topped with a drizzle of local maple syrup. It will satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth and its ingredients are sourced locally to boot. Read our full review here.

628 Tenth Ave.
New York, NY
(Hell’s Kitchen)
(212) 582-6300

Overnight Blueberry French Toast

DIY French Toast

This overnight blueberry French toast is often featured in Emily’s more special mornings and is a reliable go-to when you want to impress guests for a brunch at home. The dish includes straightforward ingredients like challah bread, cream cheese, and a homemade blueberry syrup. It’s extremely decadent, but doesn’t require too much work beyond the prep time the night prior and the syrup the morning of, which makes this a delicious winner. Try the recipe here.

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