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National French Toast Day Guide: CHI

Who doesn’t love French Toast?! As Bitches, we obviously love all things brunch, especially the carbs. Celebrate National French Toast Day on November 28th with our list of the best brunch spots for our favorite decadent breakfast dish here in Chicago.

Challah French Toast
We went to Yolk and indulged in its signature Challah French toast. And as frequenters of Jewish delis, we can tell you, they make a good Challah French toast. Read our review here. Additionally, Yolk also offers three more types of toast. Choose from Very, Berry, red velvet, or cinnamon roll French toast. Yum! Yolk, 747 N. Wells St., Chicago, IL.

Sweet Tooth Toast
If you are looking for an excuse to eat cake for breakfast, then we have you covered. Head over to Kanela for brunch. While not technically cake, this red velvet French toast is the next best thing— just ask TWO of our editors who both had this for breakfast at Kanela and loved it. Read our most recent review here. Kanela Breakfast Club, 502 E Illinois St. Chicago, IL.

French Bread French Toast
What could be more French than Brioche French toast? Mindy’s Hot Chocolate in Wicker Park offers this French toast on its brunch menu and we are obsessed. Perfect for a post-Thanksgiving meal, this French toast is topped with chunks of warm spiced sweet potatoes, crunchy pecan toffee and topped with a dollop of tart vanilla bean sour cream. Check out our review here. Mindy’s Hot Chocolate, 1747 N Damen Ave., Chicago, IL.



If you had your fill of Thanksgiving fare at the dinner table this year, and aren’t looking for sweet potatoes with your French toast, then check out Presidio’s 48-hour brioche French toast. Trade in sweet potatoes for poached pears with this indulgent iteration of French toast. Check out our review here. Presidio, 1749 N Damen Ave., Chicago, IL.

Boozy French Toast
Bitches definitely enjoy a boozy anything, especially when it comes in the forms of a topping on French Toast. Check out the stuffed thick-cut French Toast at Fat Pour, which comes topped with a Bourbon vanilla creme anglaise and whipped butter. Fat Pour, 2005 W. Divsion St. Chicago, IL.

Or head over to Dry Hop Brewers and try a different kind of toast. Dry Hop’s brunch menu features the “Captain’s Toast”, challah bread soaked in rum —yes, rum— and cream batter, and rolled around in captain crunch cereal. Dry Hop Brewers, 3155 N. Broadway, Chicago, IL.

French Toast Flight
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Are all of these French Toast options making it difficult for you to decide on where to brunch? Well Batter and Berries is here to make decision making easy with their awesome French toast flight. It boasts five different slices of French toast — lemon, pumpkin, caramel, strawberry, and blueberry. Read our review here. Batter and Berries, 2748 N Lincoln Ave., Chicago, IL.

Decadent French Toast
We did not have the French toast when we dined at Lula Cafe. Nonetheless, we can say with confidence that this French toast has got to be good, because in our experience, Lula Cafe can do no wrong. With an ever-changing menu, Lula Cafe currently offers pumpkin bread French Toast, made with roasted pears, caramel, raisins, and spiced walnuts. If their breakfast pastry (read what we thought of it here) is any indication of how they do other breakfast sweets, then we know you will be in for a treat. Lula Cafe, 2537 N Kedzie Ave., Chicago, IL.


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