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National Doughnut Day: DC Guide

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Today is National Doughnut Day, which is a special day to us Bitches for two reasons. First of all, it’s a celebration of doughnuts. As our devoted readers know, we Bitches, Cori Sue especially, love these small morsels of fried magic. Second of all, and perhaps not so well known, National Doughnut Day is a holiday that celebrates a community that we love and always support, the Power Bitch community.

Dating back to the First World War, National Doughnut Day commemorates the female Salvation Army volunteers who provided support and home-cooked treats to the soldiers on the front lines of battle, the most popular of these snacks being doughnuts.


Championing this baked good effort, two of the volunteers and entrepreneurial Bitches after our own hearts, Margaret Sheldon and Helen Purviance, took the limited resources available and conceived a doughnut recipe. Then, being resourceful Bitches they were, they fried up the tasty cakes in the solders’ helmets and delivered them to the front lines. More than just filling stomachs, the doughnuts provided soldiers the emotional boost they needed as they were, quite literally, in the trenches. The grateful soldiers soon referred to the women affectionately as “Doughnut Girls”. While we think “All-Mighty Doughnut Bitches” has a nicer ring, history is history, and today is still a celebration of these beloved Bitches behind the dough.

So with that, we invite you to explore the list of our doughnut picks below and savor one of these delicious morsels on National Doughnut Day as a way to commemorate the “Doughnut Girls,” the original Bitches Who Brunch.

Birch & Barley

Having a problem deciding which doughnut to choose? Birch & Barley lets you indulge in a doughnut hole sampler, included with the brunch special. The doughnuts come in three flavors: toffee bacon, lemon-poppy glazed, and bittersweet chocolate, none of which disappoint. And if there’s one you really can’t get enough of, the full-sized doughnuts are also available for order. Read the review here.

Birch and Barley
1337 14th Street N.W.
Washington, D.C.
(202) 567-2576


If you’re a traditionalist when it comes to doughnuts, you’ll want to pay Bourbon a visit, as they serve up some of the best glazed doughnuts around. It’s probably a good thing they’re complimentary, or else we might go overboard ordering these circles of warm, fried goodness. Read the review here.

Bourbon Glover Park

2348 Wisconsin Ave.
Washington, D.C.
(202) 625-7770


The Curious Grape

We can’t say wild boar is the first thing we would pair with doughnuts, but The Curious Grape, a charming wine and cheese shop in Shirlington Village, has managed to marry the two beautifully. Serves as a wild boar and doughnut sandwich, the bite-sized beauties are dressed in hoisin sauce and served with cilantro and pickled onion. Read the review here.

The Curious Grape
2900 S Quincy St.
Shirlington Village
Arlington, Va.
(703) 671-8700


DGS Delicatessen Brunch

Soft on the eyes as well as the palate, the beautiful doughnut holes at DGS Delicatessen are served warm in a skillet and sprinkled with powdered sugar, honey, and walnuts. And yes, they do taste as good as they look. Read the review here.

DGS Delicatessen
1317 Connecticut Ave. N.W.
Washington, D.C.
(202) 293-4400


GBD Chicken and Doughnuts

Short for “golden, brown, and delicious,” GBD Chicken and Doughnuts offers a unique and expansive doughnut selection, with mainstays and seasonal options. Some highlights: classic vanilla glazed, bourbon maple glazed with bacon, apple fritter with cinnamon glaze, and espresso old fashioned with coffee glaze. Dining tip: when it’s time to order, opt for the “let’s make a deal,” and add a doughnut and coffee to your entrée for $3. Read the review here.

GBD Chicken and Doughnuts
1323 Connecticut Ave. N.W.
Washington, D.C.
(202) 524-5210

Ovvio Osteria

For a simple yet satisfying doughnut experience, give the doughnut holes at Ovvio Osteria a try. Delicious and sugar laden, these petite morsels pair perfectly with the house-made plum jam, which adds a tartness to balance the sweet, sugary dough. Read the review here.

Ovvio Osteria
2727 Merrilee Drive
Merrifield, Virginia
(703) 573-2161


Pearl Dive Oyster Palace

While doughnut flavors seem to be getting more avant-garde (think foie gras flavored), there are luckily no crustaceans in the doughnuts at Pearl Dive Oyster Palace. The three doughnut flavors take a more classical route, with vanilla sprinkles, cinnamon sugar, and raspberry filled. All moist, soft, and comforting, what more could you want? Read the review here.

Pearl Dive Oyster Palace
1612 14th Street N.W.
Washington, D.C.
(202) 968-8777



Dining at Rustico, the doughnut holes are a must-order. The small puffs arrive in a doughy mountain, warm, and doused in powdered sugar. They may be small, but are oh-so-tasty for their size. Read the review here.

4075 Wilson Blvd.
Arlington, VA 22203
(571) 384-1820


Tabard Inn

While the service leaves more to be desired, the doughnuts at Tabard Inn are hard to beat. Served warm, coated in sugar, and served alongside a house-made whipped cream, the doughnuts literally melt in your mouth. Read the review here.

Hotel Tabard Inn
1739 N Street N.W.
Washington D.C.
(202) 331-8528


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