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On another visit to Miami, I was certain it would be difficult to top my last Sunday in Miami, when we brunched at Bazaar by José Andres, visited a few modern art galleries, and went to the beach for the rest of the afternoon. But, the recipe for a successful Sunday is sound: flee the frigid winter temperatures on the East Coast down to Miami, pick a great brunch spot, enjoy bottomless mimosas, take in some modern art, and then make your way to the beach for a leisurely afternoon and gorgeous sunset. Throw in a cute boy who also loves brunch and you’re set. On a recent Sunday, we did just that, venturing over to Morgan’s in Wynwood. Morgan’s had been on my list and his, as the food and the vibes looked top notch. The playful bar and restaurant is located in Wynwood, which is the artsy, hipster part of town. Morgans2 A sucker for Instagram and great decor, I would be lying if I didn’t mention that much of my initial draw was the highly Instagrammable decor. The interior is a charming cottage, with pink-and-green palm print wallpaper, white retro light fixtures, and round ‘60s style tables. It’s posh and playful—just my style. The outside of the restaurant is far larger, with several levels of patios, filled with beautiful people and their dogs (mostly doodles) out to brunch. When we arrived, strolling past the walls of greenery that line the restaurant, we were greeted with quite the long line. The hostess quoted us a 25 minute wait, and off we went to the bar. The outdoor bar has a backdrop of greenery with a sign that says “Rosé All Day.” A bit overdone at this point, but I loved it nonetheless. The friendly bartender, Ruben, kept our mimosas topped off while we waited. The wait went by quickly— we were seated in a sunny part of the patio, alongside a duo of attractive French gentlemen, brunching with their doodle, named Cous Cous. As we’re both prone to Sunday gluttony, we were rather excited by a menu filled with inventive, hearty treats like fried chicken and waffle sandwiches and stuffed French toast. It took us quite awhile to decide, but we eventually formed a plan of action, opting to share everything as usual. Morgans4 I seized upon the Eggs Benedict Burger, because it combines two of my very favorite things. The Benny burger was a thick, classic beef patty, topped with your choice of spinach or ham, poached eggs, and Hollandaise sauce. When it arrived, I was awe struck and overwhelmed. Thankfully, my brunch date has a bottomless pit for a stomach—he basically never stops eating. The burger meat was great, cooked medium rare as requested, and the eggs were poached perfectly, making the yolk spill dramatically as I cut into the burger. The Hollandaise was rich and smooth—a perfect, classic Hollandaise. He’d been eyeing the crispy potatoes all morning with order envy, so we were both pleased that the burger was served with a side of them. The large, fried rounds of potatoes were oh-so-crispy, oily, and flavorful. We’d probably go back to brunch just for the potatoes. Morgans9 Next, we shared the frittata, which was enormous and far more exciting than your average frittata. Taking up the entire plate, it was loaded with mushrooms, chorizo, caramelized onions, tomatoes, and red peppers—I appreciated having tons of veggies. It was also filled with melted Gruyere cheese and topped with fresh arugula, making each bite a heavenly mix of veggies, baked eggs, fresh tart arugula, and spools of melted Gruyere. We both ate quite a bit and barely made a dent. Morgans12 While it’s hard to top the brunch burger, the French toast was one of those brunch dishes that blows your mind. While there were a few types of French toast, we opted for the one stuffed with raspberry and cream cheese. The bread was fluffy and fresh, filled with cream cheese, and oozing with strawberry preserves. Each bite was oh-so-decadent, and we polished off the plate before going into our respective food comas. I ordered a side of bacon, which was served with the French toast. The Maple-glazed bacon was caramelized and crunchy—and sugary sweet in the best possible way. Each bite was a crunch of hard bacon and caramelized Maple flavors. This absolutely hit the spot. The Bitches say: A+. Incredible, food-porn-worthy food in a beautiful and fun space, with great service. Can we go back now?

Morgans Restaurant 28 Northeast 29th Street (Wynwood) Miami, FL (305) 573-9678

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