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Midnights Brunch

Last weekend was the ultimate Sunday Funday. Paul and I started the day at Momofuku Milk Bar’s new classroom space in Williamsburg, where we learned how to make their famous birthday cake. We tried to refrain from eating all of the leftover icing with our Sunday brunch imminent. I deserved several mimosas for all that self control.

And mimosas I had, after lugging our two personal cakes across Williamsburg to Midnights, a new restaurant nestled in a delightful spot right off of buzzing Bedford. We had our sights set on Midnights, with the promise of a back garden for the finally-warm temps and an eye-catching menu.


The weather was not yet consistent enough to have Midnights roll open the massive garage style door in the front of the restaurant, which left the main dining room feeling like a dark contrast to the sunshine outside. Rich leather accents were paired with dark blue tones and wood. The back garden, however, was a different story.

Midnights_Table Decor

We were led outside to a decked patio with bulb lights, walls covered in greenery, and awesome succulent accents.


The space is a city-dwellers happy place. I dare you to sit out there and not want a chilled alcoholic beverage.


With all those summer vibes around me, I placed an order for my mimosa. It was straightforward and a good balance of champagne and OJ.


With alcohol comes caffeine, and we put in some necessary espresso orders for the table as well. My latte was well done.


Everything on the menu sounded delicious, so we settled on sharing four entrees to get the best of everything. We started with the breakfast sandwich with baked duck egg, duck confit, cumin aioli, and emmentaler cheese.


I was uneasy about the duck egg on the sandwich, but ended up appreciating that it was different than the standard chicken egg. The duck confit was perfectly cooked and served in heaping proportion. Paul loved the fries so much, he didn’t share them with us.


Next up was the eggs Benedict with poached farm eggs, crispy mushrooms, ramp Hollandaise, and crab cake served on an English muffin. This was my favorite by far. The mushrooms and the flavored sauce were both wonderful additions to the classic. I recommend adding the crab cake to the top like we did—a necessary splurge.


Our third order was the pastured chicken and waffles. Country fried pickle brined chicken thigh was served with buttermilk waffles and bourbon maple syrup. The boys felt that while this dish was great, it could have had slightly more of a flavor pop.


The bourbon didn’t come through quite enough in the syrup. That being said, the chicken was delicious, achieving the perfect balance of crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, and the waffle was moist and fluffy. If you’re looking for a classic, this is a safe order for you.


Last up was another fan favorite, the Brooklyn farmers market breakfast with soft scrambled eggs, country ham, banger, crushed sweet peas, cheddar-scallion popover, fontina stuffed roasted tomato, and potato cake. We couldn’t resist ordering this because of the resemblance to Paul’s favorite English brekkie at home, and it didn’t disappoint. Plus, I hate the traditional mush peas so I appreciated that these were crushed instead. There was a lot going on on the plate, but that was a bonus for me. Also, loved the slate board presentation.


We could have stayed out in the back patio all day, but we couldn’t physically fit in any more calories in our body, so we sadly surrendered our post. If I lived in Williamsburg, I’d be eager to become a regular at this place. From the friendly owners with a true passion for their project to the quality food, there’s a lot pulling me back to Midnights!

The Bitches say: A. For a well-executed and robust brunch menu that will leave you plagued with order indecision, and a gem of an outdoor patio to post up in warm weather days, head to Williamsburg before people find out about this place!

Midnights serve brunch on Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and Sundays from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.


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