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Located in Flatiron, Maysville is an American restaurant with a focus on whiskey, smoked meats, and raw seafood. It’s a man’s restaurant—but I love to eat and drink like a man. So, I opted to brunch with the girliest gal I know, Brittney Ann of Hosting & Toasting. We were both in New York for the weekend to spend time with our city friends, but were able to make time for brunch. She brought along her friend, and we nestled in for a catch-up session on our weekends.

The restaurant itself is large, airy, spacious, and modern. I’d sort of envisioned a Southern, woodsy feel for a restaurant that’s all about whiskey and American fare. It was barren but not cold, but nothing about the space was all that memorable.

Maysville Brunch 9

The brunch deal is great: coffee, doughnut holes, your choice of one of two entrees (grits or regular breakfast), and a mimosa, Chipotle Bloody Mary, or a shot of Evan Williams Black Label for a prix fixe of $26. Like any good Southern spot, they serve complimentary (mini) biscuits to begin your meal.

Maysville Brunch 6

The mimosas were normal—pulpy and bubbly, which I enjoy. Brittney Ann enjoyed her Bloody Mary, which was light, flavorful, and simple.

The doughnut holes were the best part about brunch. The holes were served warm, baked rather than fried, covered in cinnamon sugar, and served with a cinnamon apple sauce for dipping. They were A-OK, but nothing wow-worthy. Certainly they would have tasted better, but been worse for you, had they been fried.

My salad was beautiful and unique, but just didn’t hit the spot for some reason. First, the plate was layered with prosciutto, then covered in fresh, lightly dressed mixed greens. Then, apples, figs, pecans, mushrooms, and a light layer of Parmesan.

Maysville Brunch 16

Brittney Ann and Liz both had the Maysville breakfast, with scrambled cheesy eggs, sausage, and potatoes. Liz opted for a biscuit, while gluten-free Brittney Ann ordered a mixed green salad.

Maysville Brunch 15

The food at Maysville is fresh and high-quality, but we just didn’t get behind the meal. Bottomless mimosas, yes. But, the food didn’t thrill us.

I had decided upon Maysville as Refinery29 touted the spot as one of the best brunches in New York. While the brunch was fine, it was certainly not the best—in a city full of amazing cuisine, there are certainly better places for brunch.

The Bitches say: C+. The bottomless deal is great. The fare is fresh and high-quality, but the meal is nothing memorable.

17 W. 26th St.
New York, NY
(646) 490-8240

Maysville serves brunch on Saturdays and Sundays.

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