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In the residential neighborhood of Carroll Gardens in Brooklyn is a cute little cafe called Madcap Cafe. Owned and run by ex-Momofuku Ko chef Heather Fuller, it focuses on clean comfort food. Not two words you’d typically associate with each other, huh? But in Heather we trust.

You’ll enter through a tavern style door to a small space with park bench-inspired seating and wooden panel windows that we’re told open in warm weather. This place is nice and low-key, having a local go-to feel about it.

Madcap Cafe 4

I visited on a Wednesday, yes they do weekday brunch too! So it’s a great place to go for brunch outside of the usually busy and overridden weekend sittings.

Now, it may have been a midweek morning but that didn’t stop us from ordering some cocktails. For myself, a Bloody Mary, of course. It was okay, nothing special. I found it to be a little pulpy and the batch seemed a little diluted, or maybe I just like ‘em strong. The street-facing windows and cream curtains had us thinking of summer days so it seemed fitting that we also order an Aperol Spritz. It came as to be expected. I stand by my sentiments that Aperol Spritzes are some of the most photogenic drinks, there’s just something about the way the light hits and shines through them.

As for food, we were informed that the house-made flatbread options were a must. One of the items was a coconut turmeric chicken flatbread sandwich. I’ve never had turmeric chicken so in the name of science, this was ordered. A sweet-tooth like me jumped at the blueberry skillet pancake, and for a shared snacking dish, we went for the veggie nachos. For something traditional and more on the hearty side, we decided to get the Hash It Out.

Madcap Cafe 7

First to the table was the veggie nachos. Now, I should mention that this dish comes served cold. At first I wasn’t sure what to make of it but the longer I spent snacking and going back and forth, the more that I liked it. It’s made up of shaved veggies, green guy dressing and pico de gallo. The veggies are a stand in for the traditional corn chips and when dipped in the dressing and pico de gallo they are tasty and a nice light snack to pick at.

Next up, the Hash It Out. This bad boy has tri-colored potatoes, caramelized onions, cheddar, the option for bacon or sausage (we went with bacon) and two eggs done however you choose (we went with sunny side up). This dish was so so good! Everything was mixed in together so every fork load you got the full spectrum of flavors. The egg comes on top of it all. If you’re after a flavorful and hearty dish this is the perfect one. I couldn’t help but keep going back to it.

Madcap Cafe 17

The coconut turmeric chicken flatbread was next. It came wrapped in foil almost like a burrito. The chicken was soft and nicely coated with coconut and turmeric sauce. It was accompanied by cucumber, tahini and tomatoes; nice clean and ingredients flavors to go along with the chicken. The flatbread itself is proudly house made, for good reason. It was fresh and fluffy, you could definitely taste the quality.

Madcap Cafe 29

Finishing on a high note. The blueberry skillet pancake topped with blueberries, whipped creme fraiche and some syrup for you to drizzle on at your own will. At a glance the menu doesn’t have an abundance of sweet brunch items so this is your best bet if you have a sweet tooth. The other sweet items are a yogurt bowl with berries and oats, porridge, or a key lime pie. While the pancake itself is pretty standard the whipped creme fraiche on top is divine! The heat of the skillet makes it melt off slowly and soak into the fluffy pancake.

Madcap Cafe 10

The Bitches say: three Champagne flutes. All in all the menu is fairly diverse and well thought out with the dishes well executed. The Hash It Out is a tasty and star dish; something I would get again and recommend. The cocktails were okay. Madcap Cafe is a good local spot for Carroll Garden residents to enjoy with friends or family members.


Brunch is served every day from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.


Alex Gillies

NYC Associate Food Editor

A self-proclaimed "Southern Hemisphere Belle" originally from Melbourne, Australia who traded in flip flops for snow boots. She can often be found wandering the streets of New York listening to a podcast or tackling the city one diner, biscuit café, and Bloody Mary at a time.

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