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London Plane in Seattle

I had high hopes for my first trip to Seattle. Most of these hopes involved eating, caffeinating, and walking off my calories on steep hills. On our first morning in Seattle, we were up bright and early thanks to jet lag and set off for a day exploring downtown.

Thanks to an emphatic recommendation from my mom, who revels in shameless bathroom humor, we set our sights on the Underground Tour. The humorous walking tour led us to the secret underground of Seattle, from the history of its first plumbing system (which was hilarious), to its basement opium dens.

After 90 minutes of laughing our way underground, we had worked up quite the appetite. It was lucky for us that the tour ended in Occidental Square, which happened to also be where The London Plane was nestled. After doing hours of prep reading, I knew this was my first brunch destination.

The London Plane Brunch

I’d never experienced Pacific Northwestern food before this brunch, and I was so excited to try something different from my standard east coast fare. I was delighted when we walked in. With floor-to-ceiling bookshelves filled with dry goods, knick knacks, and fresh flowers for sale, a bustling cafe section full of baked goods, and two floors of tables flooded with rare Seattle sunshine, I knew we picked the right place.

The London Plane Brunch

We started with drip coffee and almond milk, though I was a little disappointed that they didn’t have espresso on the menu. It was good, but didn’t meet my Seattle expectations.

The London Plane Brunch

We spent a lot of time on the menu with all of the unique options and ended up settling on curried avocado with shaved radish, carrot, red cabbage, and cilantro on naturally leavened sourdough. This was not your average avocado toast. It was unreal! I wanted to pocket five and bring them back to New York with me.

The London Plane Brunch
Next up was the stewed tomatoes, peppers and chickpeas with poached eggs and house made yogurt, which was just as good as our starter. I haven’t had a combo of poached eggs and chickpea ragout.

The London Plane Brunch

Last up was croissant with ham, mustard, and cultured butter, which on another menu would have seemed plain but stood out to us on a list of fresh baked goods. The grain mustard, warm croissant, and decadent house butter made this breakfast sandwich a world apart. It was simple but decadent in every bite.

The London Plane Brunch

The Bitches say: A. Pacific Northwestern brunch fare lived up to its expectations at The London Plane with special items that highlighted the true flavor of Seattle cuisine.

The London Plane
300 & 322 Occidental Ave. S
Seattle, WA
(206) 624-1374

The London Plane serves brunch every day from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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