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La Crêperie Brunch

Galentine’s day—the day made famous (or I’d like to think) by everyone’s favorite Pawnee-loving state representative, Leslie Knope from Parks and Rec. Much to the single lady status of myself and my friends, this day has become a tradition for me and my gals to get together.

My friends Lauren and Ashley had been wanting to do a Galentine’s Day brunch together, so we decided to do something close to home for all of us. It didn’t help that the weather that day was frightfully cold, with a wind chill in the negatives. Yikes!


Desiring something quaint, quiet, and close to home, we all decided that La Crêperie was just what we needed. La Crêperie is a small, local dive that I have adored since moving to Chicago. What is more romantic than a beautiful French restaurant with your girls? It first opened up in 1972 and has been the longstanding go-to spot for savory and sweet authentic French crêpes.

As you walk into La Crêperie, the dark wood paneling, tapestries on the wall, and quiet music of Edith Piaf playing in the background transports you to a quieter time in life. The fire in the main dining area also warmed the ambiance and made you want to sit and let time pass by.

To get more natural light for photos, Ashley, Lauren, and I made our way back to the back dining room where we found a big table for the three of us. The restaurant itself is a long, narrow space, but somehow doesn’t feel closed in. The back wall is a series of sliding glass doors, opening up to a large back patio. I can’t wait to come back here when it’s warm and sit outside with a glass of wine and a crêpe—heavenly, right?


To start, we all ordered drinks. I ordered my typical hot coffee with a side of cream. Ashley went with the caramel latte and Lauren went with the standard latte. My coffee was delicious, and I received copious amounts of refills, which we all know I was happy about. Ashley and Lauren liked their lattes so much that they each ordered two.


When I was online checking the brunch menu for La Crêperie I saw how limited the options were for “brunch,” but its menu for lunch and dinner is extensive with so many different kinds of crêpes than I would have ever thought were possible. With that being said, even though the menu has tons of options to choose from, I stuck with the brunch menu options.

Because of the nonexistent sweet options for brunch, Lauren and Ashley decided to split a sweet crêpe from the standard menu—after all, treat yo’ self on Galentine’s day!


Lauren and Ashley both went for the crêpe Florentine. The crêpe was stuffed full of spinach, eggs, and a cream sauce that made all the ingredients stick together. As sides, the crêpes came with potatoes and bacon, both of which were cooked perfectly. The crêpe itself was large, and both said that they would have been willing to split the crêpe and that would have been a more reasonable portion. Both of them enjoyed the dish, saying that they’d order it again but wish that there were more options to choose from.


For my entree, I chose the crêpe complete with ham, eggs, and Swiss cheese. I also had bacon and potatoes on the side. Mine was delicious—the eggs were fluffy and cheesy with the Swiss cheese. I loved mine, but I was lucky that I was in an egg mood. Normally, I wouldn’t go for eggs but this proved to be a great choice.


To get something sweet, the three of us ordered the la classique—a buckwheat crepe with Nutella and sauteed bananas with whipped cream on top. We all loved the crêpe and honestly, if it was up to all three of us, we would not have shared. Ashley commented that this crêpe tasted like the one she had in Paris a couple years ago. I guess I’ll just have to plan on going again soon to refresh my memory.

All in all, the brunch at La Crêperie was delicious but limited. I wish that there were more options in the brunch section and that there was at least one sweet option that were just available for brunch.

The Bitches say: C+. La Crêperie has been a long-standing favorite in Lakeview and for good reason, but when it comes to the brunch menu, it’s a far cry from what we desired. If La Crêperie were to add to the brunch menu, then this grade would be completely different.

La Crêperie
2845 N Clark St.
Chicago, IL 60657
(773) 528-9050

Brunch is served daily until from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.


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