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Kapnos Taverna Brunch

I headed to brunch in Ballston with my boyfriend, Andrés, on a rainy Sunday. It was the perfect day to enjoy a leisurely brunch and then snuggle up with Netflix afterwards. We were huge fans of brunch at Kapnos Taverna last year, so we couldn’t wait to visit again to see what the new menu had to offer. Brunch was kindly on the house today.

We started off with drinks, of course. Andrés ordered the passion fruit mimosa and I ordered the Aperol spritz. This passion fruit mimosa was delicious and fresh. It wasn’t syrupy at all, just light and refreshing. My spritz was just bitter enough. It was refreshing without being too strong or bitter. These were both delicious hair of the dog beverages.


Next we indulged in some spreads and fresh, hot pita. The pita bread itself is out of this world. You don’t even need to dip it in anything because it’s that good. The chef sent out the hummus, tyrokaftari, and melitzanosalata spreads for us to try.


The hummus is warm and nutty–a classic crowd pleaser. I am a huge fan of the tyrokaftari which is a feta cheese dip with a bit of a kick. I definitely should have shared more of this with my date–but, you snooze you lose. The melitzanosalata dip is made with smoky eggplant, roasted peppers, walnuts, and feta. I loved how finely the eggplant was chopped. This dip was delicious—creamy and smooth, and paired perfectly with the other two spreads.


We tried the avocado toast cilbir first. We loved this dish and devoured the whole thing within minutes. The toast was perfectly toasted and topped with a well cooked egg and ripe avocado. The yogurt sauce underneath the bread was tangy and balanced out the rich flavors well. We would order this any time.


The shakshouka was expertly cooked, piping hot, and full of flavor. The eggs and tomato blended together well. The grilled bread was the perfect vessel for dipping. We loved the Le Creuset baking dish and appreciated the hominess. The presentation was on point.


The chef then sent out biscuits and gravy. Now, these were not your ordinary biscuits and gravy. Nope. The biscuit was made with dill and feta and the merguez gravy was chock full of flavorful sausage. The eggs were runny and complemented the sausage gravy nicely. We really enjoyed this creative and different take on the classic biscuits and gravy.


We burnt our tongues multiple times trying to eat the phyllo pot pie because it was too good to wait. This filling pot pie was creative and unique. The big pieces of chicken balanced out the flakiness and lightness of the phyllo crust. The side salad was a nice touch as well.


Before we could start on the dessert portion of the meal, we requested some bacon after smelling some whiz by us. Needless to say we weren’t disappointed. It’s hot, it’s flavorful, it’s bacon. Delicious.

We indulged in the Greek coffee waffles and bougatsa. A bougatsa is phyllo dough stuffed with vanilla custard and topped with cinnamon sugar. Somehow this dessert was rich and creamy while also tasting light and airy. It was an interesting brunch dish and a great twist on classic Greek phyllo.


The waffles were almost too pretty to eat. Almost. They tasted very much like coffee and were quite strong. You only needed a few bites because they were so decadent. This would be a great dish to share. The whipped cream tasted homemade and quite fresh. The berries were ripe and tangy. It was a beautiful and delicious way to end our marathon of a meal.


We polished off the waffles and bougatsa while sipping on the new spiked coffees. These beverages were served in glass mugs and were somehow the perfect temperature. They were very warm but not so hot that you couldn’t pick up the mug. A minor detail, but it’s the little things that leave customers happy and satisfied. These drinks were strong–we mixed in the foam and settled in while we digested and reminisced over the amazing meal we just shared.


The Bitches say: A+. We can’t get enough of this Greek cuisine. It’s perfect for special occasions, dates, family affairs, or just because. The food is top notch and a steal for $35 bottomless.

Kapnos Taverna serves brunch Saturday-Sunday 11am – 3pm. 301-864-1983


Tess enjoys all things D.C. and food related. You can find her pursing a marketing career during the week while brunching and boozing all weekend. Will work for truffle potato chips.

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