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Joselito Hosts Nostalgic Spring Wine Dinner

If there were a Spanish sequel to Midnight in Paris, the protagonist’s meeting spot in the misty midnight hour would look something like Joselito in Capitol Hill. The elegant atmosphere is nostalgic of the 1920s era; the warm lighting is dim, black and white soap tiles cover the floor, and provincial bistro chairs line every table. It’s the perfect spot for a romantic wine-paired dinner.

Joselito Wine Dinner

Joselito hosts many gatherings featuring the best in Spanish fare. The spring Toro wine dinner featured Bodegas Elias Mora. Oenologist Victoria Benavides presented thoughtfully paired wines produced with modern processes but maintain the integrity of traditional techniques and profiles. Each wine was indicative of the arid, limestone soil and complimented by blossoming richness of fruit and smoke as they’ve aged several years.

Joselito Wine Dinner

The wines stood up against Joselito’s divine fish, game, and meat dishes that were tender, decadent, and worthy of inappropriate plate-licking. The hospitality of Joselito, combined with the joy and graciousness by Victoria Benavides, made for a memorable and educational dining experience. We adore the happy hours and brunch offerings at Joselito, but their events shouldn’t be missed. Be sure to keep your eye on their events page for date night, a special occasion, or if you just feel like stepping out of your comfort zone and being surrounded by kind, passionate food lovers. Make your reservations here.


Dannah Strauss

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