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Jam ‘n Honey Brunch

After months of much anticipation and excitement, the day has finally come—my best friend Charlotte is moving from D.C. to Chicago! After many months of build-up involving apartment hunting, work start dates, furniture purchases, and cross country deliveries, her move is finally upon us, and I could not be more thrilled.

Last weekend, she and her mother came into Chicago for a quick weekend trip to meet with the movers to have her furniture and belongings delivered, and I spent all weekend driving them to make quick errands and helping her unpack.

Needless to say once the weekend had come to an end on Sunday, we were quite exhausted. After some last minute errands in the morning we had worked up an appetite and decided to brunch somewhere before I drove them to the airport.

Charlotte’s new apartment is right on the edge of Lincoln Park. Having only visited Chicago a few times prior to her move, she isn’t too familiar with the city itself, or all of the wonderful things her neighborhood has to offer, so I was delighted to take her and her mom and show her different parts of Lincoln Park.

Jam n' Honey Brunch

After strolling up and down Armitage and admiring over the cute shops and stores that line it, we decided to head up a block or two north, and check out Jam ‘n Honey.

Jam ‘n Honey is notoriously busy on the weekends; I have wanted to check it out for some time, but the massive gatherings of people outside waiting for a table always make me change my mind. On this particularly gorgeous, sunny summer day, as anticipated there was a crowd.

I took a chance and went to ask the host how long the wait for three would be, and she told me if we were willing to sit inside, she could seat us now. SCORE!

Jam ‘n Honey is a cute little fast service brunch spot. The menu is diner-style and the dishes are primarily classic brunch entrées.

Charlotte ordered an OJ, while her mom and I ordered giant iced coffees. We quickly glanced at the menu and decided on what to order.

Jam n' Honey Brunch

Charlotte’s mom decided to go with blueberry pancakes, an item I had been considering myself. Charlotte went for the chicken and waffles, while I decided to go the savory route and ordered the Santa Fe Scramble.

Jam n' Honey Brunch

The pancakes were delicious. Charlotte’s mom noted that they were light and fluffy. Also it’s quite the stack and you definitely get your money’s worth. Charlotte’s chicken and waffles were good, but left a lot to be desired. Particularly, a piece of more-fried chicken. The chicken was a thinly sliced breast that was lightly breaded and almost seemed as if they were over baked.

Jam n' Honey Brunch

My oven scramble was delicious, but looks-wise it was less than appealing. The black beans are scrambled into the eggs, so the whole dish came out a deep brown color. The veggies looked brown, in addition to the eggs. It was good and filling, nonetheless, it just looked much less appetizing than I had anticipated or desired.

Jam n' Honey Brunch

The Bitches say: B-. I thought that Jam ‘n Honey was a little more upscale, but although its upscale neighborhood surrounding, this is merely a glorified diner. I knocked points because it was loud, and there were some missteps with our dishes, but overall it is a good brunch spot with fast service. Props to our waiter who was delightful.

Jam ‘n Honey serves brunch every day, open to close. (773) 327-5266


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