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Hotel On Ice at the Four Seasons Georgetown

If you’re looking to get hygge this holiday season, look no further than the Four Seasons Georgetown for your Christmas cocktail destination. While the luxury hotelier always decks the halls, the Four Seasons went above-and-beyond this year. Because five Christmas trees is not enough, they’ve added igloos to the patio. And these are no regular igloos, these are fancy igloos. So fancy, these igloos have hardwood floors, faux fur throws, gilded accessories, and sofas that surely come from Restoration Hardware.

The Four Seasons igloos can be rented for the evening, just put down a deposit and commit to a cocktail minimum, and let the festivities begin. We popped over to the igloos on a recent festive evening for a holiday tipple and were not disappointed.

Photo by Scott Suchman

In an unexpected move, the cocktail program available this season is tiki-inspired, a nod to the head bartender’s Hawaiian upbringing. And because drinking a tropical cocktail inside an igloo the right sort of irreverent fun we need to close out a rather turbulent year of news and events.

Sarah Rosner hails from Hawai’i and is the Four Seasons Georgetown’s first female head bartender—and so far she is killing it. The “Mauna Loa Breeze” cocktail is named for the wind that blows the smell of coffee beans over the hills and into your nostrils. The nutty, complex cocktail is crafted with Macadamia-nut infused Bulleit Bourbon, orange curacao, orange bitters, and tiki bitters.

We enjoyed this cocktail immensely, but we loved the “Tiki in the Highlands” even more. It’s a light, refreshing beverage served in a tall tiki glass with a straw. It had a sweet nose and a tart, spicy finish with a lovely citric flavor throughout the sip. This was a complex, intriguing beverage that was anything but saccharine, as you’d expect most tiki drinks to be.

Photo by Scott Suchman

In addition to cocktails, we ordered some of the Four Seasons’ signature brand of decadent bar food: duck fat fries and lobster corndogs chief among them.

“This is the best thing ever and I never want anything else ever again,” said my boyfriend while inhaling his second ‘dog. The fluffy, two-bite size corndogs are filled with fresh, piping hot lobster, and dipped into a savory mustard dipping sauce that complements them perfectly.

The duck fat fries are a must-order, as is the burger, which we regretfully skipped on this occasion having enjoyed it previously.

Photo by Scott Suchman

New to the menu is the burrata seasonal toast, which was a true work of art in presentation. The thick slice of ciabatta bread was topped with sliced tomatoes, creamy dollops of burrata, thin slices of cucumber, fresh cut green beans, and moist, buttery ribbons of prosciutto. Atop it all were gorgeous, edible purple and pink flowers. It was absolutely beautiful, however rather challenging to eat as the bread was thick and dense, making it hard to cut. The flavor of the burrata and the tomatoes shone through, a testament to the quality of the ingredients.

The Hamachi was similarly fresh and flavorful: a gorgeous stack of cubed, fresh caught crudo sprinkled with sesame seeds and topped with seaweed, and plated with dollops of two complementary sauces: a Meyer lemon crème and a spicy red Sriracha-style sauce.

If you’re looking for a fun night out during this holiday season, head to the Four Seasons Georgetown for an igloo experience.

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