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Homestead Brunch

Everyone needs their favorite neighborhood spot that they can just roll into after a rough night. I’d heard from some residents of Mount Pleasant that Homestead was that place; so I was delighted when they invited us in to try their brunch menu.

The place was bustling on a Sunday at noon, with servers dressed in flannel shirts scurrying around the multiple levels of this converted rowhouse. The dark wood decor gives a rustic, unpretentious vibe to the dining room, and we loved seeing the small outdoor patio crowded with neighbors grabbing a little hair of the dog.

Homestead Brunch

In need of our own, we got straight down to basics. As you might expect from a place with a wall full of taps, Homestead has an extensive drink menu. In particular, it has a great bottomless deal in which you can mix and match your choice of mimosa, screwdriver, Bloody, Optimosa (beermosa with Optimal Wit), or Miller High Life for two hours for just $20.

My brunch date ordered the Lamb Bacon Bloody Mary.  The lamb bacon was a fun twist, but the drink overall was quite watery.

We were intrigued to try The Rum Also Rises. This Ernest Hemingway-inspired daiquiri is served with Cotton & Reed overproofed white rum, and pomegranate flavored ice. It was light and refreshing in taste, but too strong to keep going.

Homestead Brunch

I was seriously impressed with the spread of brunch beers (perfect for pairing with your omelet) as well as brunch wines and ciders on tap. Homestead is definitely a great place to expand your brunch drink repertoire.

The moment I saw it on the menu, I knew I wanted the L.B.L.T. This lamb bacon sandwich is slathered with, tzatziki spread, lettuce, pickled red onions, and smoked tomato jam on ciabatta. Unfortunately,The smoke tomato jam was distracting from the tzatziki, and the overall effect was a very wet sammie. It was a hearty dish, but compared to others I’ve had (shoutout to Zaytinya) I wasn’t overjoyed.

We also tried the ‘Stead breakfast, a classic breakfast combo of two eggs your way, roasted garlic potatoes, bacon, a buttermilk pancake, and a biscuit. The home fries were tasty, but the biscuits dry. We weren’t enthused about this dish in general, but boy were we full after cleaning the plate.

Homestead Brunch

The highlight of the meal came for dessert. We recommend the Challah French toast, styled fresh and fruity with fresh berries, whipped cream and hickory syrup. There’s something about Challah bread that makes it far superior to any other type of toast. This one was no exception. It was sweet without being cloying, and would be great as an entree by itself.

The kitchen also sent out a new chia seed pudding they were testing out. They came out in cute little jars, topped with strawberries. The pudding itself was whipped and airy, but the strawberries tasted of preserves, with made the overall impact a bit too syrupy.

Homestead Brunch

The Bitches Say: C+. The brunch food at Homestead is hearty but nothing special. Stick to the extensive beverage menu for an enjoyable day of drinking.

Homestead is open on the weekends at 10a.m. (202) 627-2371


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